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After taking some alone time in the mountains' higher reaches, Charon made his way further down the mountain again. He wondered where his children were at, specifically the ones he hadn't seen yet since his return to the mountain. The patriarch was weary of all that happened though also curious to see if he would be a father again this year. Honestly, he hoped not, for it would bring only trouble, but a small part of him did wish for it because he felt the desire for more offspring to strengthen the mountain. He did not see Speedy's potential children as a threat to Hydra's in any way, confident they could provide for more than one litter. But Charon was also not so foolish that he would think Hydra and his own mate would see it this way too.

Charon stopped by a stream near the rendezvous site. As he looked to the side, he had an unpleasant feeling in his gut, a tension there. It was a reminder of something bad that happened here. He stared out across the lands for a good moment until he realised what it was. He remembered the bear standing there with Galaxy, and he remembered taking Jarilo and Vela to safety while others fought it. It had all been for nothing in the end. The Alpha frowned at the thought of his cheerful daughter, and with a start he realised that he did not even remember what she looked like precisely. Bits and pieces, yes, but not the colour of her eyes or the size of her ears. Just a generic picture in his head. With sad eyes he looked at the place that the bears had once been slain, feeling torn.
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arcturus knew the importance of this place, having heard from time to time at family gatherings, reminiscings about the harrowing that happened in this glade. arcturus did not often visit; he had no intention of encountering a bear, and he was not a wolf to blindly test his luck without serious risk/reward weighing.

he was only here because of charon; he had wished to give his father some space, having seen how the family had hounded and accosted him. for his own sake as well as his father's, he stayed away for as long as he was able, coming to charon only after he was sure the male had not been disturbed in some time. "Father," he announced, noticing the troubled look on charon's face. he did not press, but his presence suggested he was here for good reason.