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Lone Wolves

Many a time now had the moon cycled through, rising through the darkness and falling with the light. The shape one night was never the same as the next, always changing and then restarting, trapped in this constant state of starting anew. It was intriguing to watch, always settled back and observing. Different beings interpreted the changes in different ways but never Eros. No, for him it was the simple workings of nature, each phase driving him no differently than the last. Perhaps that is because he understood the need to change. After all, that was how growth worked, right? In the years that have passed since he’d delved into the great unknown, the once-lost boy had grown and learned a lot. His body was no longer that of a child, having matured into the physique of a father he’d never gotten the chance to meet. His mind, too, had developed in ways that suited a man of his standings, aged now and lacking the same overly-dependent ideals he’d once possessed.

He was all grown up now, and it was time to return home.

Eros travelled great lengths to return to the lands that had birthed him, traversing treacherous terrains and encountering a mixture of friendly and unfriendly faces. There were some that he had found it hard to part with, a few that had pulled at his heart, once upon a time. But in the end, he always moved on, searching for something that he doubted more and more each day whether or not he would ever find.

Then the outline of a distant range with peaks that struck some chord of familiarity deep within him came into sight. He was drawn to it immediately, knowing in his bones that it was home, it was where he was supposed to be. But then there came the rumbling, a quiver of the earth, and he was frozen in his tracks. Even from where he stood, he could see the descending shapes of boulders tumbling down, what were once rocky outcroppings now stripped from the mountain’s face by the ground’s rage. And it was then that he knew he could not return home, at least not yet. For now, the mountains were not safe and he could not risk injury, still out on his own.

Nearby there was a meadow, vines and stalks of what were once flowers strewn throughout it. He imagined it must be pretty during the warm season, vibrantly lit by wildflowers and blue skies. It was merely a ghost of its true self now, everything withered and the overall atmosphere dismal, at best. Even the sky overhead was dreary, further shrouding the meadow in a thick blanket of misery. Was this what the land had become in his time away? What had happened to cause this sorrow, and to cause the ground to shake with such ferocity that even the mountains feared its wrath? There were so many questions to be asked but no answers to be found, reminding Eros of the days of his youth—back when he knew nothing. Only now it was not his own doing, but the doing of forces beyond his comprehension. So he did the only thing he knew how to do and continued moving forward, carefully trotting through the meadow.
October 11, 2019, 09:39 PM
Blackfeather Woods
The meadow was pretty, and on any other occasion Sobek would have been thrilled to be visiting it. Visting being the chief word there; he'd seen it before, actually, and didn't think it was as special the second or third time around — and especially not after fleeing the dark forest which was his home. He had made frequent stops to peer over his shoulder at the dark smudges of the trees, watching as they retreated from him. Wishing desperately that they did not have to abandon the woods; it felt like he was losing more than just a home in that pivotal moment, and he had. Sobek's brother was gone. It didn't feel real, and he was too young to fully understand the permanence of it, each time he paused to look back at the smaller and smaller band of trees he found himself wishing Anansi was there with him. Alas, the meadow would have to be home for the forseeable future. The open ground proved to be easier to traverse and the danger of falling rocks or uprooted, collapsing trees had been nullified by Maegi's choice. He did not doubt his mother in any way—but he did miss the ghost who completed the trio of children.

Sobek felt a weight pressing on him from all sides despite the openness of the meadow; he did not know what to call the feeling of despair, did not know that his body was reacting to the recent losses without his control. He felt ill. He could not eat or sleep without thinking of Anansi, and even when he sought comfort from his twin sister, his silence was longer lasting than ever before. He did not bestow kisses as regularly nor cuddle up close to her; he did not speak to their mother when she came to check on them, nor allow himself the pleasure of Rowan's company when he felt despondent. A part of him did not want to besmirch Anansi's memory—unwilling to let himself move on so quickly or replace the ghost with a new brother, despite being so adamant that he befriend Rowan on earlier days. So he withdrew beyond the usual behaviors he oft displayed in the woods: the lurking, spying, creeping, and playing, had distilled in to monotonous action, utilized to fill his time but not much else. He found no joy in watching the adults scout the meadowland. The earth siezing beneath his paws no longer made him curious or afraid, he was emptied of all of that. And he took to roaming on his own, lurking on the side of the meadow that would give him a better view of his true home, as if he might spy Anansi somewhere nearby.

Today he was doing just that: but it was not Anansi he saw, but an older fellow. A shape that reminded him of Jakoul first-off but with different colors, a toasted complexion topped with a pale face. Even from a distance Sobek could tell this was some foreign entity; but he was unafraid, as blank in that moment as he was in every moment. His pace increased as he trailed after the stranger, keeping to the tallest of the grassy areas and trying to remain anonymous for as long as he could—which proved difficult, as Sobek had trained himself to lurk in Blackfeather's twists and turns in near-total darkness, not here where there was only stalks of dry grass. The stranger's path led towards the mountain so at some point Sobek slowed down to observe them too, enthralled by the sight of stones breaking from the soil and tumbling. It sounded so much like the destructive sound of the tree which had fallen upon his brother that he felt utterly gutted by the memory, and even shouted out to the roaming figure ahead without forethought: No! Anansi!!
October 13, 2019, 12:20 AM
Blackfeather Woods
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She had become a hover parent, keeping close tabs on her dark twins. How could she not? One mishap and she could be down to one child. . .or perhaps none at all. That thought was most terrifying. 

So she followed Sobek at a distance, watching him approach the stranger. Her throat tightened and chest ached upon hearing his scream. . .

Would it ever be back to normal again?

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