Wheeling Gull Isle left his mark
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The children remained with Maegi while their father roamed the beach. He had not seen anything of great value wash upon the shore but could not pull himself away. The tide came in, the tide went out.

Hours were spent traipsing across the exposed stone or pawing through the fine wet gravel, the soggy green masses left behind. Shell-shrapnel. Mou paused long enough to watch a heron soar over the white caps of the waves, casting a prehistoric silhouette that he followed with his one eye until he lost sight of it.

With his head bowed Mou investigated a few depressions in the sand. He nosed some larger pieces of stone around and watched at tiny crabs scurried for new shelter.

When the wind changed direction the strong ocean smell was drawn away from him and instead he found the warm aroma of @Aiolos; but when Mou looked up and around, he could not discern where the man was.
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There was a stillness now, a quiet he had not felt here in some time. The Neverwinter forest wolves had all but dismissed themselves- Aibreann, Tuathal, and the life of Cam entirely. The pain which Mal suffered seemed to follow him still and he, along with his pups and Hua, had kept to themselves. Then those which had come and lived here before, Aiolos searched, called, but did not find. Drifter, Wylla and her ward, Andromaque, the wolf-dog Elixir, and of course any and all family of Hua savor a few of her own pups all together.

The winds were changing. Members came and went as they always had. The coming a Spring brought out what Winter had kept close and those wishing for adventure or to create family and pack of their own were gone.

Aiolos takes a heavy breath and paws at the rocky outcrops of the eastern coast before moving down towards the waters. He sees Mou there and woofs in wordless greeting.

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The man moved like a prideful lion across the expanse of his domain, which Mou appreciated. He hadn't ever been the kind of person to get involved in politics and so, he had only a limited understanding of what leadership was like; his one experience had been at the Hollow which burned to the ground. That had been small, tight-knit, and temporary. It felt right to be an underling, or so Mou believed of himself, and he was glad to have someone like Aiolos at the helm instead.

When the man barked a greeting, Mou chuffed in response. He had meant to return a bark of his own but in that moment the breath in his throat failed, so it came out as something wheezy. The observer dipped his head in a little nod and licked his lips to show his submission and acceptance of Aiolos.

There is a glow to Mou's remaining eye, an alertness, which trains upon the ginger man. The ghost wants to say something substantial. He has a question to ask, plans that have been brewing in that tactical mind of his, but he cannot quite broach the subject out of the blue. The expectant look is one Maegi is used to; she is the only one patient enough to accept the process of a conversation with Mou, at least so far.