Iktome Plains i remember when
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Somewhere inside, the wolf paced, snarling in her own rage, "You are a wolf. You are stronger than this. Pull yourself together." But she was caged in her dark corner, words failing to reach her host; ignored.

Her femur was broken, and Zombie howled with the pain of it, tail between her legs.

Of course, over the span of her five years of life, Zombie had been through countless femurs— and each time one was lost, or broken through the wear and tear of being held in her jaws, the result was the same. Hours (if not days) of grief and hopelessness, before her senses returned and the she-wolf found it within herself to hunt for a replacement. It was her totem, her sense of security, and always had been— to be without the comfort of it in her jaws was like the sudden absence of a limb. Without it, the broken female felt her chance of survival severely drop.

"No, Jinx, nonono," she whimpered to herself. "You don't understand. Shut up!" A rage seized her, then, and she snapped at the air with a snarl.
April 18, 2018, 04:29 PM
Lone Wolves


This time Roz ranged south, seeking perhaps something larger in the form of prey for the pack to take a stab at.  She didn't mind seal, but sometimes venison just sounded wonderful, and the season was coming for the deer to be about for springtime fun.

The sort of springtime fun that Rosalyn had strictly and stringently avoided up until now.  Some wolves were meant to be mothers; she didn't consider herself one of them.

Nose to the ground, she snuffed about but came up blank.  Lifting her head, she curled her tail up briefly, pondering.  Perhaps further inland?

Her ears twitched as she caught a faint muttering, and when she went to investigate, she saw a stranger who appeared... agitated.  Keeping her distance, Rosalyn strode a light ways off.  "You alright, luv?"  A friendly endearment, hopefully one that wouldn't incite anything.
April 24, 2018, 10:32 PM

hi hi hi!!!!

        Zombie closed her bright green eyes, facing the direction of the voice that hailed her, and said through gritted teeth: I. broke. my. bone.
        It was then that the other's scent reached her, and the aggravated she-wolf realized somewhere deep down that she was not being questioned by Jinx, the shadowy figure that lurked in her mind. Zombie opened an eye to peer at the stranger, feeling something like shame. It only worsened her mood, and she stepped a few paces away.
        Not really knowing what else to do, not being in the mood to talk— but also not in the mood to go hunting for a replacement just yet— the grey wolf sulked like a moody teenager, clenching and unclenching her jaw. The absence of the femur made the automatic motion uncomfortable, so used to self-soothing in this way, and she exhaled sharply in frustration.
April 25, 2018, 05:45 PM
Lone Wolves

Her answer started Rosalyn, who looked her over but didn't see anything wrong.  So the second option was to take it the wrong way, which she promptly did, of course.  "Y'don't seem the type to have one of those, but sounds like a personal problem," she said, snickering softly to herself at her own wit.

Then she sobered, eyeing the other wolf and noticing the slightly off mannerisms.  This one was another crazy one, wasn't she?  "What are you doin in these parts?" She asked, her tone taking on a slightly wary edge.  Hopefully not looking for trouble... they were a tad too close to home for that.
April 26, 2018, 12:26 AM

        Zombie had never felt the stirrings of her womb, nor any feeling of love or attraction for another— it was actually rather unclear if the she-wolf understood the difference between males and females. All this to say, the stranger's joke fell hard and flat in the space between them. Zombie looked at her blankly, unimpressed with the conversation.
        If she noticed the other's wariness, she made no sign of it. It was Zombie's normal to have others behave that way around her. What are you doing here? she asked in response. What sort of question was that? Did it matter? They were both wolves in the world; why did anyone go anywhere?
April 28, 2018, 02:34 PM
Lone Wolves

Oooh, a parry, and a fair point at that.  "Yer a quick one.  Fair enough." She didn't press, though she didn't mind sharing her own purpose.  "Me? I'm scouting for new hunting terrain.  We got a claim, but I feel like all this land might as well be used for something." The strand delivered much of what they needed, true.  But there was benefit to seeking out, and it allowed them to keep an eye on the movements around them too.

Not that she minded much; she only cared if they encroached the Ironsea beach itself.  But if another crew started setting up, it would be nice to know, especially if they cared a little more about being the only one these parts.

"So what's the deal with this bone?" she asked, not really expecting an answer but curious anyway.  Her joke had fallen flat but she was unruffled; this woman obviously had a subpar sense of humor.

When she didn't get much of an answer aside from more irritability, Rosalyn shrugged, and decided to pretty much leave her to it.  Not her problem, so why bother with it?