Blackfeather Woods awaiting the sensation of a short, sharp shock
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Blackfeather Woods
takes place fairly soon after this thread, staying vague just in case more things happen

To say she was disturbed by what had taken place between Mou, Abraxas, and the crows was an understatement. There were so many layers to that incident that she was still trying to sift through. Abraxas, moving against a leader of the pack. Mou, slaughtering birds for seemingly no reason. And what she was to do about it all.

Luckily, this task didn't fall on her shoulders alone, and so she sought out @Ramsay with a low, insistent howl, padding near the northern border in hopes to find her brother there. She knew that Ramsay would be harsher on her love than she would be alone, and the thought frightened her slightly, but she also knew that justice must be carried out. Without it, Abraxas would not be satisfied—and the dark man, however creepy, was someone they wanted on their side.

Maegi idly marked a tree gone a little stale, squatting, her brows knitted together and clearly troubled. She did the same to a few others while waiting for her littermate, idly switching her gaze from the brightness of the field outside the woods, to the darkness within, and back again.
April 18, 2019, 08:09 PM
Blackfeather Woods
When Maegi summoned him, Ramsay was awkwardly balls deep—literally—in a huge overturned mushroom cap pressed against a log deep in the forest. What the fuck, you might be inclined to say, and what the fuck indeed. But he really couldn't help it, especially with how distinctly fleshy mushrooms were. Ever since Parvati, Ramsay's hormones had been running rampant, returning him to a time when he had ineffectually rubbed his little pecker on a dead bird due to stress and wondered why it made him feel weird. Except now he was a grown wolf, and this habit was more productive; it wasn't the same as Parvati and took a lot more effort on his part, but humping random things did the trick eventually.

Except Maegi called, interrupting him, and he had to leave unsatisfied. Grumbling and shaking out his hind legs until he was a bit more presentable, the Morta cast his mushroom one last glance, marking its location so he might return later, then trotted off into the woods. He followed several game trails toward the north, where her howl had come from, and found her much nearer the borders than he expected her to be. Except... Ah, yes, that was where he normally could be found, so who could blame her?

Yes? he asked, pressing forward to meet her head on.