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All Welcome  July 11, 2018, 05:03 PM
Lone Wolves


When she presented the idea of raids, Rosalyn would be lying if she had said her reasons weren't a tad selfish.  She had a target in mind - and now it was time to scope the scene.

But by the time she arrived at the border of the sound, it was clear the grotto witch was no more.  Her ears tilted back as she crossed into lands so recently claimed, looking about.  They had left?  She'd not thought the witch had it in her to depart.

She was versed in the territory from her Saltwinter days, and knew where the woman would be if she did in fact still reside here.  So she loped down the beach to the grotto caves, intending to poke around in them to ensure the pack's departure.

Damn.  She'd have enjoyed this.
July 11, 2018, 07:11 PM
Wild Fauna

the beast slept deep in the damp corridors of the abandoned grotto, like some forgotten or otherwise banished monster that was better off being left undiscovered by the waking world. his breath came in shallow drags, the soulless black of his eyes sheathed by thin and twitching lids; a dream, one of many, shuffled behind those eyes that had seen so many lives extinguished.

a clatter from the world above - his ears twitched and one grim eye opened, the third eyelid slow and black pupils expanding rapidly as they drank in their surroundings. he slowed his breath and listened as the footsteps grew. their direction and sound suggested it was from a tunnel the beast had not yet traveled; so few of the corridors fit his mighty frame.

settling into the dark like some wicked serpent, the beast waited until the footsteps in the gloom paused, announcing their body's passing into the massive cavern. then, the goliath moved - a slow uncoiling of his great frame as he slunk into cave's mouth in the insiduous ever expanding manner of an oilspill.

he gave the wolf a long and level look, so that she might fully take in his immensity, and know her fate was sealed.  he might even have gleaned some satisfaction from it, for he was a rather callous shade of sadistic.

then, with a horrific bellow the hell-beast charged towards her with jaw agape and conical teeth exposed in all their terrific splendor.

July 12, 2018, 06:49 PM
Lone Wolves

If she believed in any sort of god, Rosalyn might have thought they had it out for her.  She wouldn't be entirely wrong in that assessment either.

She walked almost carelessly as she explored the tunnels she and Vlad had once been lost in; it was clear enough Caiaphas was long gone.  Her only reason for staying was to see what may have been left behind - maybe she could salvage something and at least take something from the woman, however small or inane.

Instead she found far more than she was expecting.  Apparently the pack had not left with everything.

The thunderous growl shook her to the core, and she whirled to find herself facing a wall of fur and gleaming claws.  "Holy fuck," she cursed, terror lending her some speed as she backpedalled heavily into the wall at her back.  She was pinned in and cornered and the beast was coming fast.

She needed to get out of here.

She dove for the way she had come, seeking to avoid the beast in the process.  If it caught her here she was a goner, and no way in hell was she dying in the witch's old dank grotto.

roll - 16 
less than 10, he gets a good hit.
more than 10 and she dodges the brunt?
July 14, 2018, 11:58 AM
Wild Fauna

do i roll for that, or do you? ill leave this open ended!!

his claws raked the cold floor as he lurched forward, his shaggy fur rippling under the power of each immense stride. his porcine eyes focused on the burst of mahogany in his vision; presently pressed with her back against the smooth wall of the cave.

his jaws swept open, cavernous and riddled with long gobs of ropy drool -- and from those depths came another earthshattering roar that bounced down the halls in hellish cacophony. in that moment rosalyn had darted back the way she came and the belligerent beast thundered after her. his paws slapped stone like the gallop of maddened horse-beasts, and a great rustling commenced in echoes that seemed to never cease.

the chase was short-lived; before long the tunnels in which he hounded her shrank around them -- soon he found his stride clipped and his shoulders hunched to avoid the ostensible scraping of the tunnel's rough ceiling. with one last attempt to bring down the dog, shardik lunged flatly after her retreating heels, claws curled and desperate for impact.
July 16, 2018, 10:10 AM
Lone Wolves

i rolled a 5 oof.  Def fail.  If she wasn't a pm she'd be a goner yikeser

Fortune at least favored her in the setting... if she were in the open, she'd likely already be dead. A single wolf had little chance against something so massive, and caught unawares, it would have charged her down. It had been stupid to come here alone, but at least if she made it back, she could warn her crew that only death lived here now.

Freedom - she could taste it, and her breath was ragged with relief. But it was too soon a celebration as she felt claws dig into recently-healed hips, dragging her back towards the abyss and the demon waiting. She shrieked with frustration and the pain of it, but oddly, her first thought - Erzulie was going to kill her for yet again returning with new scars. Because she was returning. There was no option for falling here.

Digging in with all four claws, she scrabbled at the tunnel floor, desperately seeking to tear free. She'd take the consequences - anything was better than being left to that creature.

feel free to land another blow if you wish! Or roll to see if she gets loose haha
July 28, 2018, 06:11 PM
Wild Fauna

impact, sweet impact.

the clap of paw on hip echoed down the thinning corridor with a terrific smack. the beast's long and loose lips purled in a sinister smile; triumph flooding his tiny piggish eyes.

his victory at hand, shardik pulled upright to bring his arm back so that he might hit her with all of the force he was capable of mustering -- it was a habitual move, one with collosal and terrible consequences -- yet the beast had forgotten his close confines and his head rapidly rose towards the stone ceiling in an equally ominous whack.

he crumpled, limp and loose like some discarded albeit massive shawl -- lights out, heedless to the dog's now unimpeded escape.
August 01, 2018, 09:43 AM
Lone Wolves

She was going to be dragged back, and in the tunnels, nothing could prevent it.  She felt the grip tighten and braced herself for the feel of teeth on her spine, preparing to turn and at least try to snap in return.  But instead, the grip loosened.

She didn't pause a moment to consider what luck might have caught up with her, or why the bear was thwarted.  Instead she sprinted, fast as she could, away.  By the time she returned to Ironsea she'd likely do little more than collapse and gather herself, but once she had, she'd be sure to warn everyone.  None of them should come near this place, and they should keep an eye to the northern side.