Ravenshook Cliffs you can't watch willy wonka without massive amounts of junk food
All Welcome  January 13, 2019, 09:45 PM
It was getting late, and the girl knew that she would need to take a break soon and find a place where she could settle for the evening. The constant crashing of the waters had provided her with a natural background melody that had put her in something of a trance while she continued her march across the coast. The further that she traveled, the more she had started to wonder if there were even any packs near there. Perhaps that was why she’d never been told about the wild waters and the sandy beaches. Maybe they just weren’t places where wolves were meant to live.
The young firefly knew that she definitely couldn’t have settled in that kind of location. She had enjoyed the sheer size of it in the beginning, but the more she’d been met with lapping waters and the cry of seagulls, the more she had started to miss her home. As she had made her way onto the plateau and then found the edge of the cliffs, Piper felt her heart leap into her throat.
There was a long way down and some pretty jagged rocks at the bottom. She was pretty sure she’d make a good splat noise if she were to tumble over the edge. With that thought, a gust of wind threatened to do the very thing she dreaded. The wildfire girl gritted her teeth and jumped back so that she was firmly planted on land.
11 hours ago
The search for Revui had brought Charon up further to the north. He'd done some searching with @Arcturus but then had branched off on his own so that he could cover more ground without having to worry or think about his son. His leg had healed up well enough though his eye was still milky and glossed over; it was unlikely he would ever see with it again. Yet he resiliently did not seem to care -- seem to, anyway -- as he still went off on his own. But when he did, always a bit easier to startle on his left side.

Maybe he could see more from the tall cliffs, he thought at first, but soon it just became a desire to see the rolling ocean waves because it made him feel like home. Even after all these years of being Moonspear's King, the ocean of his youth still tugged at Charon's heartstrings and urged him closer to the salty sea and fresh breeze, even despite the winter chill.

As he climbed and ended up on a plateau Charon was curious to find that someone else was there. He saw her on his good side first, luckily, and chuffed to announce his presence. She seemed to be looking down the edge, so he didn't approach right away, lest he startle her into the depths of the ocean or atop some sharp cliff or peak below. She was young, he could tell from the way she was built, and he wondered what she was doing out here all alone, without a doubt far from her home.