Ankyra Sound Dreamcatcher
All Welcome  March 23, 2021, 12:21 PM
After having had a good swim in the waters off Ankyra Sound, Chacal had shaken her pelt out, tended to the raw skin which had begun to heal over the gash she'd received while hunting a deer with her mother and packmate, and began to pick her way back through a gap in the cliffs that allowed safe passage from the shoreline and into the mainland. The forest was full of trees which were among the largest Chacal had ever seen; towering hundreds of feet in the air, and thick enough around that even if Chacal circled one, she could not see her tail around its width. 

There was a stream she frequented as a means of washing some of the salt from her pelt and she had begun to head toward that when she caught a glimpse of a moving form, already at the stream's edge, with thick, sandy-beige fur that was almost white in the sunbeam that split down through the sequoias. It was much larger than a wolf, so she pressed herself against the redwood tree nearest her, and began to creep forward, curious to see exactly what it was...Only to find that hermuscles froze when she saw the heavy, wide skull that marked the creature as being ursine. 

It was hovering on the bank near the stream, watching contentedly as the water at the stream's surface rippled. It hadn't taken note of her- and was much, much smaller than the grizzly which had set upon Sapphique. She knew enough to stay well back- but was made so curious by the highly unusual sight that she remained where she was, crouched, watching it to see if this small, strange, white bear behaved any differently than its darker cousins.