Stavanger Bay She gave me shelter on the coldest nights
Private  June 14, 2018, 02:55 PM
Lone Wolves

It took her a few days, but eventually, an exhausted (and testy) first mate stumbled her way back onto the shoreline of the bay.  

She'd ghosted the Redhawks, but she couldn't feel guilty... if they chose to collect, she owed them a due, one she'd be happy to deliver on eventually.  Until then, however, she'd remained until she couldn't stand it anymore, and then she'd ducked out, disappearing into the night.  She had thought about summoning the girl who had offered escort, @Niamh, but a good deal seemed to be going on she wasn't privy to or involved in, and she wasn't willing to wait on any delays.

As soon as she heard the sea, her steps increased in speed as much as they were able, an awkward limping trot carrying her out of the trees and onto the sand.  She breathed deeply and felt pounds of stress fall away as she sank down, the ocean one of the most beautiful things she'd ever seen.  They could keep their lake... this was home.

She'd rest here a moment, finally able to sleep with the ocean in her ears, before going to find @Smokestep first thing.  A part of her wanted to right away, but she wasn't in any shape after traveling for a conversation quite yet, even with him.  Better to catch her bearings first.

feel free to have him find her or pp her going and finding him <3
June 26, 2018, 12:19 PM
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Missing his First Mate had taken a toll on the ghostly pirate Captain. He had spent hours pacing the shores, worried of leaving his home and the wolves within it. Raptor had been preoccupied with finding himself or something – Smokestep still wasn’t sure – and had found himself in a mess with the woman he’d impregnated. The young corsair knew that his friend had changed drastically since his arrival. It had not settled well with him, but Smokestep also knew that it wasn’t his place to speak out when Raptor was dealing with all the trouble that he felt within him.
It had not been until the disappearance of Sandpiper that the young Captain had truly found himself in a state of madness. He had searched as far as he could, but she seemed to have vanished into the sea and never returned. It haunted him; he could not sleep and had lost a considerable amount of weight since she had disappeared. Try as he might, he was in no state to lead his crew on without knowing that his sister was safe. There seemed to be a fire within his gut that would not be extinguished without that peace of mind.
Catching the scent of her on the wind, the long-legged yearling bounded across the sand. Madness glinted in his gaze as he sought her. The mismatched pair of eyes darted in search of the dark russet coat that she carried on her back. When he finally latched onto her, Smokestep increased his speed and closed the distance that had stretched between them. His eyes burned looking at her, and the feverish urgency in him was almost palpable.
June 26, 2018, 02:04 PM
Lone Wolves

When she finally found him, she immediately caught his air as she neared, and her fur lifted with the tension and the wild look he bore.  He looked awful.  Was it her absence that had brought this, or had something happened while she was gone?

Her ears flattened back, and for once, she didn't snap back with a greeting.  Instead she stopped a pace away, waiting.... cautious.  She thought they would have received word she was returning, but he could still be angry, and she couldn't tell what was on his mind right now.  She'd been eager to return to them, but.... something wasn't right.

She was right.  By the time he finished explaining, any sympathy she had was cut to the quick by the sharp sting of betrayal.  But her sharp rebuttals went unheeded, and she parted ways with him feeling the heavy settlings of dread and disappointment deep in her gut.  She wished she was surprised at the turn, but she had known from the beginning; their captain had room for only one priority, and that was what he chose to follow.