Whitefish River you were born for the stars
January 10, 2018, 08:22 PM
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         After her meeting with Engel, the woman left her meadow behind. Surely it was poor form to attach herself to a place so soon after arriving here; but the siren had been tied to one place for so long that she found herself unable to drift completely freely. It was easier, to have a single, comforting tether than to dive head-first into a world of uncertainty. Her path had been the one she had chosen; perhaps she would be like the eldest and return one day. For now, she was content to leave her birthplace far behind, for even though the world beyond the falls was frightening, sometimes, and lonely, it was exciting and novel. 

         Warmth had swept into Teekon; a brief warmth in the midst of winter. Perhaps she had already weathered the worst of it, but the brief thaw would only serve to remind her the distance of summer. Still, she enjoyed it while she could, the storyteller making her way to a creek as she wade into the shallow, frigid waters, sating her thirst as bi-colored gaze flitted from the river to her surroundings.
January 13, 2018, 04:11 PM
Lone Wolves

Tired from the tracking earlier today, Wraen had found a nice safe hollow in the vicinity of the White-fish river, curled up in a ball and fallen sound asleep. What had been meant to close eyes for a few minutes, turned out to be around two hour long nap. And she would have slept longer, had not the borders of her dream-world been crossed by a sound of footsteps and someone drinking water. 

Alert and curious she quietly untangled herself and exited her quarters, blinking her eyes against the bright daylight, until they were finally used to it. She spotted a whiteish wolf on the river-bank and after a brief moment of deliberation, she approached it paralell and stopped at the same bank, some distance away. With one corner of her eyes watching the other wolf, she too satiated her thirst in the river.

The other, however, did not seem to be interested in making a contact with Wraen, therefore after some hesitation, the girl turned and went away.