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EEEEEeep I’ve waited for this moment so long! Please let @Nanook post first.
@Valette @Greyback

Everything was still very confusing, and jumbled to the man, but there was one constant in his life. One thing that made everything worthwhile. She was alive, and she was here with him. Waking alongside her everyday was a privilege that he had never expected to be granted. He loved her with all his being.

So when she suggested visiting her sister here at Easthollow Siarut couldn’t see anyway out. She trusted him, but he was afraid of the damage and sadness that seemed to follow him. Siarut was scared of what might follow him here.

Yet with hesitant steps he followed her. Just as she had followed him back to his family. He now waited to meet hers. That alone would make anyone nervous. Turning vibrant green eyes on copper, Siarut searched for her strength to borrow in his time of panic.
April 05, 2019, 10:11 PM
Nanook tried to keep close to Siarut's side as they travelled through the Wilds, but when the terrain grew more and more familiar and the air swelled thick with the distinct scent of her sister's claim, she found her excitement too hard to contain. She hadn't seen Valette in a long, long time, and the joy she felt at the idea of seeing her again made her realize just how much she had actually missed her. She spent the majority of the travel staying one kick ahead of Siarut, and at times, rounding back to look at him with a visible eagerness alight in her eyes.

The only thing that slowed her were the waves of emotion that spilled off the ice bear. The warrior was well aware of her lover's? friend's instability, his anxiety, his fear. There was little he could do to hide these things from her, and though she tried to treat him as the Siarut she had always known, Nanook couldn't lie to herself; the tragedies of the cave-in and the blizzard had changed him in ways she couldn't fix. Ways they would have to work through, but they would work through them together.

If he had been stronger, she might have suggested they seek out a territory to claim as their own, just as her mother, father, and siblings had done before her, but Nanook knew Siarut was in no mind to establish a pack again, not yet. And staying as rogues wasn't an option she was willing to consider. Though she could help him heal to a point, she knew there was a danger of letting herself become his crutch. He needed the support of a family, and she knew just where to turn: Easthollow, the ones who had been instrumental in healing her.

She lit the air with a howl, a beckon for @Valette to come, and when Nanook felt the ice bear's wary gaze rest upon her, she dropped her head and turned to meet him with a warm yet silent strength; she reached out, and touched his cheek with a gentle nudge to reassure him that this would be okay.

... even though she knew - positively knew - that Valette would totally hone into the singular fact she was with a boy, and would definitely probably absolutely make this weird.


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I will defend your every breath, I promise
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April 06, 2019, 05:15 AM
Valette was resting more these days. She had not believed that she would grow any larger but time had proven that wrong. The female was close to bursting, at least, that was how she felt. She thought she was close to being as fat as she could be last time, but then she had only three. Now she was certain she was carrying more pups. However, all her energy surged through her body when she heard a howl she instantly recognized. She pushed herself to her feet as quick as she could. Valette's tail was going a mile a minute. "My sister!," she called out and instantly started to run to the border.

However, after a few meters, she had to stop her run and go into a power walk. She howled that she was on her way. She was panting heavily but clearly excited when she came from the forest edge. The dark female was waggling like a duck, at least that was how she felt. She was surprised to see that Nanook had someone with her. Valette's tail was still going extremely fast. A male! She had a male with her! How exciting!!! Valette approached them with a last jog. "Nanook!!!," she excitedly cried out. "You're back! I've missed you!!" The fat pregnant lady almost peed herself, almost was the key. She might have let it go if not for the white male next to her sister. That would be embarrassing for her. She moved forward to greet her and lick her face.

April 06, 2019, 01:13 PM
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oh man if Valette had peed herself! Idk what Sia would even do haha

Leaning into her touch Siarut willed his beating heart to calm, taking the silent confidence Nanook exuded. He reflected her smile with one of his own, trying to feel like his old self.

Her voice echoed across the expanse of the pack lands. This was the turning point, and there was no going back now. But slowly, as he awaited a response, Siarut realized that perhaps he was ready for this step. For a new beginning, as Heloise had stated, he was ready to start anew.

They waited longer than her would have expected, but when the dark lady waddled toward them, he realized why. She was heavily pregnant, and extremely excited! He couldn’t help the genuine smile that fell to his lips at the reunion between the sisters. He would give them a moment to reacquainting themselves before butting in. Stepping back a little, to give them space.
April 07, 2019, 12:24 PM
The man had begrudgingly raised his head from his meal to answer the chorus the howls sounding throughout the territory. It was always a surprise to hear them spread out, however, he was more unsettled by Valette's own. That was quite far from the den.

Anxiety sparking across his pelt in a frenzy, the male left with his jaws dirty and a heavy frown set upon his face as he moved towards the border with speed that uncoupled with his size. With Valette's pregnancy getting more worrisome by the week the male was reluctant to let her stray far from the den—far from safety. Who know's what could happen if she stumbled and fell! Or if some intruder made their way in and she was unable to run away!

Sprinting through the tall spring grass that itched his paws, Greyback fell silent as his gaze settled upon the three standing at the border, Valette's form easily distinguishable as his own against the other two. She seemed to be happy, her body wriggling with excitement and voice crying out. He was not able to hear her words coherently but was able to pick out one. Sister.

Attempting to calm the beating drum in his chest with deep breaths, Greyback surged downwards to meet them at the border, his disheveled look the least of his concerns. "Nanook?" He breathed, amber eyes wide with surprise. It had been so long since he last saw the feral female, nearly 5 seasons if his memory served well. He was excited to see her, excited to hear about her travels. He hoped she would stay for a while, Valette probably would like some familiar company during her pregnancy and pup-rearing.

Greyback was almost too caught up in the old Easthollow wolf's presence to notice a new one, a white male. Clearing his throat, and now allowing the embarrassment of his looks to settle in, Greyback shook his pelt and quickly licked at his face in attempt to seem more presentable. "Pardon my appearance, I did not expect such company." He confessed, shifting his massive body into a more diplomatic stance.

Like the wind, I am here. Calling to you in the dawn of day, whispering to your heart words of nurture.

April 28, 2019, 08:57 PM
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With Nanook’s departure, Siarut will be going with her. As such I removed the joining tag, and changed it to AW.

It was nice to see the reunion of the two sisters, Siarut smiled softly watching as the were reacquainted. The sight made him ache for his own sisters, especially Taki, oh how he missed her. Sia wasn’t sure who the new comer was, but he took a step back not wanting to appear as a threat. Especially considering the man was covered in what look like blood.

With his jaw dropped, Siarut was surprised by the kind voice that came forth from the large man. Relief flooded the northerner, glad not to be chased off just yet. “The fault is ours, we didn’t give much warning.” Offering a smile at the dark pregnant woman and what would appear to be her mate if their intermingled scent gave any indication. “I am Siarut, it is nice to finally meet you Valette. Nanook has told me a lot about you.” He had never interacted with another family unit before, and he found the experience to be most intimidating. He suddenly felt sorry for how Nanook must have felt amongst his family who were much less welcoming than Valette and Greyback.

“We are about to head north, but Nanook wanted to introduce me before we left.” He looked toward Nanook and smiled at her, adoration in his gaze. He was happy she wished to introduce them, even if they only got to visit for a short while.

April 30, 2019, 03:58 AM
Valette was so pleased to see her sister, but she was also very curious about this male she was traveling with. He seemed very polite. "Oh don't worry about it. Nanook is always welcome on our lands, especially if she brings someone with her. You must be very special," she spoke and looked teasingly at her sister. She couldn't help but tease Nanooka bit, after all, that is why they are sisters. "Hopefully all good things, I hope," she smiled.

"Well, nice to meet you, Siarut," she returned. "You two are welcome to stay for a bit and rest before you travel to the North. In fact, we would be honored." Valette hoped that Nanook and Siarut would stay in Easthollow, or at least return here forever but she knew Nanook and that girl couldn't sit still in one place. It made her unhappy. Valette was far more homebound every since she became a mother. Valette had to sit down and rest since she felt like bursting any moment.