Arrow Lake vogelgezwitscher
Private  July 13, 2019, 10:54 AM
whenever you have time! <3

        for the time being, mahler had constricted his travels to only nearby lands, intending to stay as close as he might for the newborns and ketzia. 
        this vied against his wandering heart — before the midday heat arose, mahler sought out @Stigmata in a stand of oak bordering their northern gate, bringing with him a pair of fat doves, that they might break their fast.
        ”brother,” he began after a while, glancing to the other’s fierce features. ”kavik of sviftcurrent has offered an alliance: volves to hunt the herds that pass, footmen for any var ve must fight, eyes to vatch the foothills so ve are not caught unavares.”
        mahler knew stigmata would be resistant; he fell silent to garner the ironwolf’s reaction before adding, ”i think it vould be prudent to accept. diaspora burst vith children this year, but that means nine mouths that cannot help hunt till the spring.” 
        time for quiet; he cradled a torn wing between his paws, worrying the feathers away from the delicate flesh as he waited for stigmata to answer.

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