Seaside Moors life before death
All Welcome  July 13, 2019, 07:08 PM
Lone Wolves

There was a single moment in which he paused in his trek, breathless and buffeted by the winds that carried in the sea waters to the shores. The pale knight cast his eyes to the lapping of the swell against the sands. The sea was so vast and distant that it seemed as though it might never stop. All things there were different from the chilling, frost-touched north. There was a warmth to the air that he had never felt before. All his time had been spent enduring through the harshest winter that he had ever seen. To have arrived in a world that was not always gripped by the chilling hand of snow should have been surreal. To the voyager, it was nothing more than another passing landscape on his journey to his next job.
Overhead, the cries of sea birds sounded, drifting in a haphazard way before rising upward and disappearing among the grey stretch of clouds. There was a possibility of a storm on the distance, but it would not have reached where he trekked for some time. Beyond that, he could see that the sun was beginning to set behind the jutting mountain range. Before long, Guildenstern would be encased in a blanket of night. The pallid beast would be nothing but another star passing against a dark backdrop of space. He had not come across any others yet, and he was not certain that he would.