Cricket Creek Bog i can be flexible, as long as everything is exactly the way i want it
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Alright, she wanted to turn around. Once she’d gotten out of the woods and into the muck, Piper found that her journey had lost a great deal of its charm. She didn’t understand why on earth there needed to be an entire area that was covered in goop and creeping with vines. Who the hell thought that was a good idea?
In reality, she could have scoped her way around it, but she was keen on breaking through and avoiding traveling north until she had managed to touch point with every pack in the area. Thinking that it was her quickest way directly east, the bog had been the way to go. But she would definitely never go back. With a grunt of distress, the Redleaf girl plunged her leg out of the muck and continued on in a strange sort of sideways walk that left her with a wonky gait.
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A little over a year ago Wraen had got lost in Tuktu Hinterlands during a snow-storm and, as she explored the Southern fringes of the territories her new pack inhabited, the memories of that adventure came to her mind. She wondered, what were and whether that wolf Burke, who had been Osprey's friend, and who had been so keen on dying, when they had met for the first and last time, was still around. And she remembered the bog, where she had got trapped and rescued by a kind she-wolf, whose name she had already forgotten.

However, just as she decided to bring Maia here, once she returned from her journey to visit Terance, she spotted someone else fighting it's way through the bog and not making a great progress. Recalling her own situation and therefore sympathizing with the russet wolf in the distance, Wraen stopped to assess the situation. There was a particular path that could lead you out of the place almost with dry feet and raking her brain about, what her saviour's actions had been then, all those months ago, she decided to call out to the other: "OY! Need any help there?"

Either Wraen was too far away or the stranger simply ignored her call, she did not receive any answer. Therefore after spending another 10 minutes, watching the other making it's way through the swamp, Wraen shrugged, decided that there was nothing she could do about it and left for home using a solid road that promissed no wet feet.