Sleepy Fox Hollow love will tear us apart
Private  December 04, 2019, 08:02 PM
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Propelled by her decision, Annaliese waits upon the Hollow’s borders with one thing in mind; speaking with the General. With her return, she holds information that would undoubtedly be useful for Mahler in the future—yet, she longer feels the need to chain herself to Diaspora. Antha offered her an opportunity she wishes to grasp with her own hands, and Diaspora… well, Anna has no reason to believe the fox-like female is lying.

She will see the frost-tipped male soon enough for herself, or at least she hopes. Leaning back her head, she beckons for him and announces her return to the pack.
Yesterday, 10:28 AM
        the sickness had purged mahler of a great portion of his bulk; it was a reduced general that attended the foxfire upon their former borders. but his height remained beneath the proud ruffling of his charcoal coat. "it is good to see you again," he murmured, though he wondered why the woman had not come to him directly, pausing here instead.
        no matter; she was in diaspora now, and he was greatly relieved to see annaliese once more, to know that she had not perished upon the selfish errand he had set her.

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