Deepwood Weald hold me tight and pull me under [T]
All Welcome  March 27, 2018, 09:04 AM
Backdated to when Hydra first starts traveling! @Dirge can pop in at any point since she's traveling with him. As she's in the vicinity of MSP still, sisters who know she's about to head off might be inclined to be lurking, too, and are always welcome! T—Intended for tracking trade!

Hydra moved away from Moonspear with every intention to return. She did not possess the wanderlust gene as @Alya did, but in mentioning a potentially romantic getaway her paws did feel lighter than usual. Still, an invisible tether would ever keep her rooted. Alya and Lyra were her roots; it was with them she would always be. Her mother and father were important to her, too, as was the next generation of Ostrega's. She would return in time to see them. After a generous meal, she departed Moonspear's borders to find the tawny male she had decided to trail. She and Dirge had passed through the Terrace and after detecting a curious scent, Hydra moved through the Weald determinedly.

The snap of a branch caused the already alert Hydra to adjust her course. With the wind in her favor, she knew it was no wolf who had created such a sound this time around—and it was no paw that caused the sound, either. Cloven imprints on the earth caused Hydra to think it might be a deer, though the size was off. The scent was interesting, and whatever creature it was made a mess through the landscape they seemed to storm through. It was close, this thing she could not identify, but not close enough that Hydra was closing in quite yet.

I'll find that you'll find that I'm lethal