Blackfeather Woods but i've got nowhere to fly to
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Blackfeather Woods
Here. For the you, now.

Euron's singsong voice rang through her ears as she padded along, ebony feather in her mouth, Blue flying overhead. She'd found it quite close to where she and her brothers had once played, and would think it a sign, if she wasn't aware of how many damn ravens there were in this forest. Still, it would be a fitting gift for her daughter—a passing of the torch, if you will.

@Sakhmet, Maegi crooned through her teeth, moving into the den area. The pups' eyes were open, and while their sight wasn't the best, she thought the girl could appreciate the silky feel of the feather, at least. She brushed it against the girl's nose, then set it by her tiny paws, smiling. Here, look what I brought you. Look how pretty it is.

It was the last in a trio of trinkets she had brought over the afternoon, and now she rolled the smooth, opalescent stone toward @Anansi (for his pale, shimmering coat) and the polished arc of a hare's powerful thigh bone for @Sobek, who she imagined might be fiercest of all her children.

Come play, she whispered gleefully, eyes sparkling with pride in herself for having been so thoughtful.
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Blackfeather Woods
Her eyes still needed to adjust to being open, to seeing the world, but she recognized this figure and if that was not enough then she knew the smell very well. The name she'd been bestowed rang through the air in a sweet tone that she welcomed and such would be noticeable by the whipping of her tail. Small face scrunched up as the feather was wiggled against her nose. Such an odd sensation but not necessarily bad.

When the feather was placed by her paws, she was quick to snatch it up in her own tiny jaws. Her legs carried her in a way that was clumsy and unplanned. She wished to return what Maegi had done. For such a magical sensation that had brought the child wonder was meant to be shared!

If successful in her feat, she would wiggle the soft end of the feather against the Nona's muzzle.

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July 11, 2019, 12:25 PM
Blackfeather Woods
She grinned, giggling through her teeth as Sakhmet first screwed up her face, then got the hang of it and began to tickle Maegi's nose in turn. Heh heh, she laughed softly, stifling the urge to itch the delicate skin of her muzzle, which tingled greatly. That feels funny, Sakhmet. . .hee hee.

Maegi sneezed, suddenly and explosively, rocking her back on her haunches. She tried to smooth down her features, lowering herself, knowing that the reaction could have frightened the girl. Whoopsies, she whispered, sniffling. Sorry, baby. . .I—

Another sneeze, but smaller, this time. Maegi doubled up on her side, giggling profusely now, completely undone by the silliness of playing with her child. It was a great feeling, better than she had felt in a long while.