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Lone Wolves

AW but @Arielle welcome to either hop in whenever or play behind the scenes. These two officially left the Empire. </3

He nudged her gently along, trying to keep the weariness and worry from his gaze as he gave her a crooked smile. He hadn’t looked back when he had coaxed her past the borders of the Empire. When Ibis and Lilitu hadn’t returned, his gnawing worry had turned to full fear, as much as the wraith tried to hide it from his daughter.

His mate’s scent faded from the mountain—the rain of previous days washing away a decent trail. He followed it best he could, encouraging Arielle to follow after him. After all, without Ibis and Lilitu, neither had many ties in the collateral wreckage that had become the Empire. Death lingered there, and now children were claimed royalty, rising to lead over them all. Akavir had accepted the strange ways of what was deemed noble in the pack prior for the sake of his family—he couldn’t swallow following after a child.

One ear flickered to the gentle rustle of foliage, noting a pheasant streak away. His stomach rumbled in protest, but he would not give chase—not with Arielle by his side and possibly unable to keep up—nor would he wish to expend their energy.

Ibis seemed to grow further from him with each step he took, and with a huff, the Frostfur reclined upon the plateau, his features blank as the sun began to sink down the horizon.
October 17, 2020, 12:08 PM
Lone Wolves

Venamis stalked his intended prey, a silent and deadly shadow who lurked in wait for a moment of opportunity. Eyes as pale as settled snow barely blinked as he held the pheasant with a hungry stare and, in anticipation of tasting fresh meat, his tongue slipped from between fangs to sweep the drool from his chin.

He crouched low, raven lobes smoothed back against the rugged ebony furs of his nape, and waited for the bird to return to its foraging while he prepared to pounce. Instead of turning its attention to feeding as Venamis hoped, however, it was alerted to another creature's movement and tore away through the foliage.

The wolf gritted his fangs, visibly frustrated as he gathered himself to prowl forward with a low rumble. Dark tail lashed the air and his mood only soured as he stepped into the open, where his pallid gaze settled on the unfamiliar frame of another rogue male. "I didn't place this order to go, y'know," the yearling barked with an accusing tone, clearly having learned nothing of manners in his lifetime.

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October 20, 2020, 10:15 PM
Lone Wolves

She was sensitive to the emotions of the ones she loved, and so she picked up on papa's wariness even though he tried to hide it from her; she didn't completely understand it, though. She was happy to be on an adventure with papa—it helped take her mind off how much she missed mama and her sister. She was often sad about the fact that they were gone, and had stuck pretty close to Akavir the last few weeks, secretly afraid that he would leave too. 

Even now, when she was distracted by all the newness, she stayed as close as possible. And when papa stopped and settled down to rest, she situated herself in her favorite place—between his front paws with her head resting on one of his front legs unless he stopped her. She was on the smaller side, so she still fit there for now, although it was obvious she wouldn't for much longer. She released a long, quiet sigh, her golden eyes searching the area around them as her mind swam with thoughts of what their life was going to look like with just the two of them. 

Arielle hadn't really noticed the rabbit, but she did notice the stranger when he spoke out to them. She raised into a sitting position between her papa's paws and stared warily at the man. Then she looked up at Akavir for reassurance on what to do next.