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It felt as if his story had ended.

Raimo did not think often of @Kukutux these days. He sometimes remembered @Jakoul but not by name; they had only been together briefly and as a remedy to his own anger, and then he had grown to despise the memory of her due to being abandoned. He sometimes thought of @Zephyr and wondered if the silver spectre grew fat with his children; but in all, Raimo kept to himself.

He was most active at dusk as the tide drew its way in. The women who ran this place were busy with children; aside from that, there were the occasional run-ins with the scattered residents, though none which drew Raimo from his withdrawn state.

There was nothing here for him. He had to accept that — or seek a fresh start again. As he puttered about among the crags of the cliff base, towards a band of brine-steeped sand that hung precariously above a gathering ocean, Raimo ruminated over his fate.

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a large man, at the edge of the cliffs.

that is strange. she's only noticed women here, and though one may attribute that to her weakened state, the healers Avicus has known have only been men. no roles have solely belonged to one or the other—

but it has only been women, and now, here is a man.

not that it really matters. she hobbles along, still on the mend, watching him with wary indigo eyes. she does not draw too near, fearing both his foreign presence and that of the cliffs, which drop off so precariously. . .

she's seen them, from a distance. watched the birds sail off so gracefully.

she cannot fly,

but she wishes she could—

(or does she only wish to fall?)

she comes to a halt, staring at him, waiting for the man to make the first move.
but see, amid the mimic rout,
a crawling shape intrude —
a blood-red thing that writhes from out
the scenic solitude

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She spent the day tracking Broken Antler's movements, then went to Barrow Fields to see if she could catch a rabbit from the warren there. Although the chase included a face plant, Haunt did manage to catch one and carried it back home as the summer day began to fade into twilight.

Haunt pondered finding her brother to share her catch and unwind after a long day's work. Thinking she might find him in the caves below, she wandered toward the cliffs with the intent to climb down to the beach entrance beneath. She paused when she spotted a reddish figure, then a blacker one beyond it.

At first, she mistook the one as Njord. But after staring at them a moment, she realized they were both strangers. Haunt set down her kill and woofed to them, in the hopes of changing that.