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@Mahler ! (I got excited and threw something together for them, sorry!)

With @Evergreen gone - she could not say where he had wandered to but as her saviour, he was the being she was closest to (a paltry relationship it was, the ghost hovering as a pale shadow yet a stranger to the bear) and his absence filled her with restless anxiety - it was the gentle woman of sunlight, @Sindri, she turned to to unwind the bandages from 'round her small head. 

Wounds lingered: a dashed temple that was neither deep nor shallow, scrapes where she'd crumpled into the grit of gravel. They'd scabbed and knitted though to move her head too sharply sent a knife of pain stabbing through her skull. 

Mayhaps it was foolish, slipping from the ursine's lands alone, but a wanderlust had taken hold of the northron which led her east to the mountains - only vaguely remembered since her fall. The fae found footpaths and trails, mountaineer passages automatically - veering sharply towards a hidden and narrow game trail without knowing it had been there prior. 

Or perhaps she had, as she paused midstep and turned an introspective malt gaze upon the high stone walls. It was all so confusing, this piecing together of things she had known, should have known. 

Your name was Liri. You're an age of three winters - you think. You're a healer. A hunter. Somebody hurt you. Lots of somebodies, if your dreams are to be believed. But you're okay - you think.

She repeated this mantra within as she scaled the steep paths, a flitting white dove winding through the trees, using it to steady her inner turmoil. She clung to what she did know: she wanted to be okay, she wanted to survive.

She could not say why she'd left the River in the first place though it might have something to do with the new recruits setting up camp. The waif was unseen to them - an object of pity, Evergreen's charity case. The poor, crazy girl who couldn't remember. It itched under her skin until she wanted to scream - Look at me! I am more than a ruin of flesh, more than a product of the earth's cruelty. See me. 


A film of pain cursed her eyes with its salty sting but with a mighty inhale, she pushed it away angrily. What good would crying do? 

The path turned sharply ahead, lending an extra perk to her step - eager to see what was around the next bend. 

She paused upon the threshold of the meadow - which was much too large to be considered such. She took one step then another, something distant in her wild eyes as they slid over the curved walls, careened to forests of greens, flitted to shallow rivulets cutting through the grass like so many veins of lifeblood. 

Not a meadow but..

A vale.

The word was supplied from some recess of her mind, causing her to flinch slightly as she cast wary eyes about her searchingly. 

She was not so insipid as to think herself alone - though she appeared to be at the moment. Still, she dared to wander further into the territory - overcome with a strong sensation of deja vu as she ghosted past.
June 01, 2019, 06:48 PM

        true to his word, mahler kept a wary eye turned toward the vale, frequenting its emptiness with sole patrols that satisfied his inquisitive nature. despite what liri had said, it did not seem as though anyone had begun to settle here; the caches remained half-dug, and her own scent was stale upon the rock where he stood.
        nevertheless, there was nothing to say that the would-be vale wolves would not return, and so the gargyole set himself upon a campaign of covering their marks with his own, slashing bark from tree branches, filling the shallow holes. it came to pass that he was on one such mission when the faint familiarity of a feminine scent drifted into the air.
        he moved through the trees, searching for liri, and when he found her, mahler did not immediately step forward. something, or someone, had wrought a great change upon her. the woman was almost spectral, a distinctive wound upon the side of her head, and glided through the abandoned vale with little recognition.
        after some time had passed, mahler cleared his throat, calling to her with a chuff, and stepped into visbility, more curious than annoyed by her sudden presence.

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June 04, 2019, 05:56 PM
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She might've startled had a fatalistic view of the world not been imparted upon her since all that had happened to her. 

She turned to meet the inquisitive gaze of the collected, silver agouti as he emerged, meeting him with curiosity of her own. 

"Hi," she wisped softly, equal parts reserved and welcoming. "Is this your home?" She asked after a moment, as the wind shifted course and brought his scent to her - the same scent that lingered so upon the trees and rocks of this vale. 

She shifted slightly, tail tucking contritely at the thought of having accidentally invaded his territory. 
June 09, 2019, 10:58 PM
        mahler could not help the frown of consternation that flitted across his craggy features when liri greeted him. gone was the self-assured woman who had challenged diaspora’s intended claim with a mere word; in her place was a waif, and one who did not remember.
        he eyed again the knot on her forehead, musing, before liri held his attention once more. ”you vonce vanted this place for yourself,” the gargoyle told the sylph, and here he searched her face for any sign of recognition, growing rather troubled despite himself.

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