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March 16, 2019, 07:03 PM
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@Hydra -- hopefully this location is ok?

He thinks about Cassiopeia an ungodly amount. 

Perhaps he should divert his attention elsewhere... but she lingers like a phantom at the back of his mind, tethered to him by some otherworldly phenomenon. Departing Rusalkan grounds with the intent to find her once more, Vaati disregards the immediate need for him to remain in close proximity to the place his offspring would soon be born. He had left things sour with the star-spangled minx, after she had confronted him with a truth he hadn't wanted to hear. A truth that he had wrecked her and left her with no sense of identity -- an experiment gone wrong. But still, he longed for her in a manner he could not understand and would now seek to identify. 

But the woman he finds is similar to the one he yearns for, in the sense that they would both unapologetically slit his throat in a heartbeat. It is not lost to him that he finds such women appealing, for the sadist in him appreciates the enthralling ruin they bring in their wake. Releasing a summoning howl towards the scent of the lady of Moonspear, he lopes in her direction with very little expectation that she would greet him with open arms. 
March 26, 2019, 07:23 PM
It was not a song she had expected to hear, but as Hydra ranged to follow the movement of a passing herd it came. She could not say it was an unpleasant surprise. Her low opinion of him had shifted for the better, since their many encounters. He was willing to kill for her—how could she not come to appreciate a man like Vaati? 

And so the woman moved to meet him, not too terribly far away to start with. 

He moves toward her as she comes toward him; he looks to be a man, now, in figure. He had always been this large, though, hadn't he?—and carried himself in the same self-assured swagger, she remembered. He was impressive to behold, and Hydra admired the woman-made markings upon him. A gift from she herself; how could she feel sorry for her actions in earnest, especially when the aftermath suited him so? 

If she had any regrets, it was acting on the behalf of a coward. Were she ever to lay a fang upon the Melonii man before her again, it would not be to defend any (bar her own family)—but ah, bygones. She let them be. 

She saw he carried no head with him, to her disappointment; she had hoped he might come with such a gift. There were moments in her life where she forgot about her vendetta, but they were fleeting. She had long ago determined that the eye she had taken was nowhere near the same as the life he had stolen. Of any wolf within this Valley, he had, without intent, done the most damage to her. One way or another, he would pay the price.

Vaati, she greets, all the more intrigued at his summons for her due to his coming empty-handed.

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March 27, 2019, 02:46 PM
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Her gait towards him suggests she is not put off by his presence near her home -- which he took to be a good sign. Though they had settled their differences, Hydra put the fear of god in him. She had been the only one to bring him closer to death. Nevertheless, he greeted her as a friend. "How have you been?" It is a genuine question, for they had not met in some time. Neither had he been in this region of the wilds in months, so anything of importance to occur in the present space was lost to him. However, he did not forget the pledge he had made to her, to bring her the head of the loud one. The task had been disrupted by his journey beyond the wilds, and then his fidelity to Rusalka, but it had lingered at the back of his mind for some time. "Do you still desire the death of the screeching boy?" He looks to her then with earnest, wondering if she had dropped the vendetta from her list. Though he knew the chances of 1/3 of the Cerberus simply dismissing blood for blood was slim, if he was to continue the search, he would need to know it was with purpose.

He is to be a new father, but the temptation of a kill may yet override his feeling of duty to new family.