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6 hours ago
Tradesman I
Disclaimer: retelling and adapting an old folk tale that is not mine.

"One day an old man went fishing in the river and just as he was about to give up, because he had not managed to catch anything at all, a golden fish appeared, which he snatched up and brought ashore. But unlike other fish, this one began to talk and plead: if the man released her, she would fulfill three wishes of his. The man thought the offer through and let the fish go. 

When he returned home, he was met by his angry mate, who had not been able to find any food and was infuriated that her husband had had no luck either. But he began to tell her about, what had happened. The wife told him to go back to the river, call for the fish and tell it that she wished to be the alphess of a pack.

The man did as he was asked - he went down to the river, called for the golden fish, told her the wish and she replied: "Go home - your wish will be fulfilled." From afar the man could see that there were a lot of other wolves now that his wife was ordering around. But she had not had enough. She told the man to go to the river again and tell the fish that she now wanted to be the Queen of the whole forest. The man was reluctant to do so, but, when she threatened to send her guards after him, he obeyed.

The fish appeared, listened to the request and simply said: "Go home - your wish will be fulfilled." He went home and saw his wife - now a mighty queen - sitting in a stone throne and all the living beings of the forest were bowing down in front of her. But the Queen still did not have enough. She told her husband to go down to the river and now ask the fish to make her the Ruler of Heaven and Earth. The man refused to do so, but she ordered her subordinates to attack him and the poor man yielded.

Down by the river again, he called out to the fish and she appeared only upon the third call. She listened to his request and said: "You people are too greedy. May all become as it was before!" And when the old man went home he found his angry wife alone and poor as they had been before,"
Wraen finished the story. 

"Not so much about wishes going wrong, but more about people, who do not know, when to stop," she said. "But over time I have come to believe that there is another moral to this story - people do not truly appreciate things that come to them easily."