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Blackfeather's well-stocked caches were not only a boon to the wolves, but to any opportunists that wandered through as well. And who in nature was a bigger opportunist than a nursing raccoon with babies to feed? Multiply her by five, so make that nearly two dozen babies, and you had a real calamity on your paws if you were in charge of this joint.

They came in the night, raiding the caches with the clinical efficiency of a special ops team and the appetites of a gang of teenaged boys. One by one, the caches were whittled down as the raccoons feasted; they even did not shy away from the herbs and plants stashed away by erstwhile medics and botanists, devouring those as well. All was chaos and carnage, and their bellies began to swell.

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Written by @Maegi
July 06, 2019, 12:02 AM
Blackfeather Woods
The scent of one had been bothersome, the scent of two became troublesome and when the scent of even more flooded her system it was time action had to be taken. Caches had been ripped apart as the ravenous grubby-handed creatures ate to their content before they moved on to another one. By the time the Morta managed to track them down to their latest raid, Blackfeather's caches were rather nonexistence. Such would be obvious by the way the creatures lounged with heavy bellies of food that they had stole from the mouth of the wolves.

She was a spiky shadow in the dark of the woods, fur prickled with aggression as her tail curled in a rare show of aggression. Jakoul was desperate to take care of this problem as swiftly as possible but she was one set of teeth against a small hoard of angry hands accompanied by teeth.

Her head was thrown back as she released a short call with a clear message. Any bodies able to defend were needed. Now.

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July 06, 2019, 02:47 PM
Blackfeather Woods
Maegi was no fighter, but the call Jakoul sent up would not go ignored. It was much too urgent for that. She rose to her paws next to her place by the children, shuffling them closer to a (probably) snoozing Parvati before careening away, moving at a rather breakneck pace for her hobbling gait. She shuffled to a stop next to the new Morta, eyes wide at what she saw.

She hadn't had many run-ins with raccoons but she knew they were destructive. They ate anything they could get their paws on, and this was clearly illustrated by the carnage here. Her lips curled angrily while her stomach clenched in trepidation. How dare they?! The wolves had mouths to feed, too.

Maegi looked to Jakoul, waiting for her orders. She was tempted to dash headlong into the fray but knew that they would be more successful with some kind of plan.
July 07, 2019, 02:31 PM
Blackfeather Woods
Rowan, being the troublesome child he was, had decided to sneak away in the night.
Whether noticed or not, it didn't bother to the renegade. He couldn't be caught now.
His ears perked at a call, wondering what it was for. When Mother used that tone, they had to go to her. So surely, he should track down the source.

So he did.
New scented passed over his nose. The scents of perpetrators -- which he'd soon find out. 
He slowed, seeing two wolves. One looked like Mother, the other the opposite. His tail waved in greeting: "I helps!" He grinned, ready for something to do. He totally could do anything.

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