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Youth IV
Hoping to get Bronco his hunter apprenticeship before he hits 9 months.

Tracking down a rabbit had eventually brought Bronco face-to-face with a pine martin. It had made the kill before Bronco had managed to track the rabbit down, which irked him a great deal. Here was another predator, hunting in their claimed grounds- it wasn't fit. Fortunately, the creature seemed to know that it'd made a horrible mistake, and had left the rabbit as soon as it saw him, knowing there was no way he could outrun a wolf, especially while carrying a rabbit. It dropped its prize begrudgingly, and began to take off through the wilderness, leaving Bronco behind, standing over the dead rabbit. Well, that was one way to catch a meal...But pine martins were edible too, right? And if there was anything he'd ever learned from his mother- it was to eat everything that moved hunt down and kill any non-pack predators that were in the area. He couldn't imagine that a pine martin would taste good- but he'd hunt it down regardless, and either eat ir or kill it or stow it away for a day when he was starving enough that he'd eat it. 

First, he buried the rabbit hastily- in case the trickster looped around and decided to come back for its kill after leading Bronco away from it. That wasn't terribly likely, but he also liked the idea of having found something edible to stow in two different caches. The rabbit wasn't his kill, but it was his right as the one who'd tracked it down. The rabbit was hastily stowed away, and then he began to track the offending pine martin, moving at a good clip to hopefully catch up to it before it could get too far away.
November 20, 2019, 06:27 PM
Comrade I
hi hope it's ok if I join! do you mind if I assume they've met like maybe once so we can skip meet and greet type stuff? if not then lmk and I'll edit!

Lately Chanel had been taking walks among the trees. It was a calming activity- any time of day, just being in solitude in nature eased her soul. Not to mention that it was helping her to explore the territory, and she felt that she now knew her way around the place a lot better. The girl was starting to feel more like she belonged in Firebirds, and the feeling of being in a pack, the potential adventure of it- it was a feeling like no other. 

While on her walk, she heard a noise that piqued her curiousity. As she approached it, she found a kid- she vaguely recalled his name to be Bronco, after Sugar had introduced her to some people the other day. He was finishing up burying something that she couldn't see- but she could still smell a hint of. A rabbit, freshly killed.

She was curious for a moment to his intentions, before he took off after whatever scent he was chasing. She debated whether to follow or greet him; she didn't want to ruin his hunt. But she caught it too, after taking a few steps after him: a pine martin. Hoping he wouldn't be too hot-headed or irritated by her presence, she followed closely before catching up to him, just a few feet behind. She was sure he would be aware of her presence by now, but she chose not to speak up, trying to be careful in the possibility of disturbing his concentration.