Moonspear I've busted bones, broken stones, looked the devil in the eye
All Welcome  April 24, 2019, 09:07 PM


Her mother had—likely not unwittingly—let slip of an illegitimate litter. If she does not leave, Hydra snarled, I will kill her. Hydra's decree came sternly. If children were to be conceived by her, they would be the mountains only, as her mothers had been. Bastards would never be accepted by the Ostrega, protective over her family—more protective, though, of what may (or may not) be growing within. 

@Lyra was electric beside her, raring for the opportunity to dig her teeth into something. Zafina had not likely meant to disrespect her mother so, but it had been done. And it being done was a direct threat to the future of what Hydra hoped to bring. If Hydra ever desired to lead her own pack, she needed to show her mother her own discipline. Her unwavering ability to do what she knew needed to be done. 

No further time was wasted. Hydra set off to find the bitch who had never deigned to meet her (unfair, given Hydra had done the very same), and though her fangs were sheathed they would not be for very long. Hydra would not let Zafina hold any doubt to the singular fact that she was no longer welcome here. Hydra could not be convinced, and if she were to be disputed she would be sure to shed her opponents blood until every last ounce of it watered the earth—

What was it they said? April showers bring May flowers? 

They would bloom red.

Hours of tracking led to their finding she had left; a shame. Hydra hoped the birth killed her, before she had the chance to bring a far worse end for her than that.

I'll find that you'll find that I'm lethal