Moonspear two out of three
All Welcome  April 29, 2019, 10:18 PM
before all dramas! but, while in heat — attn: @Lyra

Hydra was rarely left out of the company of Dirge. Lyra had lurked, but never came too near to face rebuttal; observing, as it were, and permissibly so. Hydra was content to share all things but this; it was a possessive instinct, one that Lyra knew well. Some things were entirely their own; Lyra had a collection of things not meant for Hydra, and Hydra respected that. Hydra would defend that collection, as Lyra would defend Dirge, now, surely. 

With a quiet sigh, Hydra sought her mirror image. There was much to discuss and consider now, and she yearned to see Alya here again, too. A visit was due.

At peace after speaking with Lyra, and in a far better mindset, the two struck out to tear apart anything that came too close to their territory for their comfort.

I'll find that you'll find that I'm lethal