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Her baseless yet potent hatred for Parvati continued to grow. The daedra had poisoned her mind to the point that she now saw the woman as an enemy, a threat to everything she held true. Maegi had been meant to bear these children—but @Parvati had stolen them away, and left her with worms and shit, literal shit. Mou was gone, the shit had returned to the soil, and her babies suckled at another's belly.

Parvati was sleeping, per usual. The birth seemed to have greatly tired her out. (Little wonder, after bearing children that weren't meant to be hers.) The children were awake, though, and nursing; occasionally, one would lose the nipple and flail blindly, looking for purchase. Sometimes, they engaged in impromptu, senseless wrestling. That made her smile.

They were strong little Melonii. Strong and beautiful. Two dark, though not as black as her brother, and one pale, just like her. She stayed with them as often as she could, knowing that she must leave their world to patrol hers every so often. She was still Nona, after all. But more than that, she was theirs. All theirs. Mother.

Now. . .what to do about Parvati?
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Anansi— a pale and soft-looking figure, perfectly distinct from its sibling twins— was splayed out and unconscious before, quite suddenly, flinching into wakefulness as Another came near. If he made any sound, it was one or two squeaks, and unsettled now, the intuitive boy began to flail each of his available limbs; trying to make sense of the change in his environment the only way he knew how.

Considering that he was working with only about a fifth of his sensory operating system, his attempt to simply know things was plainly futile. So he wrestled with himself, both mentally and physically, as he grunted and snorted and demanded some sort of reprieve from his overwhelming confusion.
June 28, 2019, 12:25 AM
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Anansi. For reasons she couldn't explain, the boy reminded Maegi of her brother, Euron, lost to her forever (or so it often seemed). She dropped low with a coo, bringing her muzzle to his roly-poly form and beginning to smooth his down with her tongue. So soft, so smooth. He smelled like earthy things, like the cool dark inside of a cave.

Peryite, mīsagon ñuha tresy, she whispered against his tiny head. Issa sīr jorrāelagon naejot nyke.

It had been a long time since she had felt love like this, beyond her love for Ramsay, which was a given. Once, she had loved Mou this fervently—but he was gone, and beginning to sink into the background of all the troubles she had faced over the past moon or two. Nirgali and Ninazu, sure, but that was twisted, warped. Not like this. Not pure like this.

Like a wound from the heart, out poured love, and Maegi couldn't—wouldn't—stem the tide. She rolled over onto her side, nuzzling Anansi before pulling back to stare at him in awe.
July 03, 2019, 11:23 AM
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It wasn't often she cried over a change in surroundings, but it wasn't often a brother seemed to flail and flail with a following squeak or two. The sudden action around her made her forget whatever task had been at hand (perhaps to feed some more or rest upon a non-flailing brother) as she cried a protest that was far too feeble to be counted as protest.

The pitiful cry died out into a small whine before she fell silent again, limbs moving to try and find something familiar. Something had to comfort her.

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Then Sakhmet began to fuss, presumably because her brother was being squirmy, disruptive. She turned her attentions to the girl, whispering to her in turn, asking Peryite for blessings. They were all equally special to Maegi; no one pup outshone the others. She looked down upon them as such, pride and love in her eyes, even as her tongue traveled along the smooth, round curve of Sakh's head.

My babies, Maegi whispered, fiery eye rolling to land on Parvati's sleeping form. My sweet babies. She took you from me, but I'll take you back. Yes, I will. I love you.

It was chanted like a lullaby, but the words were no lullaby.