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All Welcome  November 08, 2019, 11:28 AM
Lone Wolves

Up and down the rolling foothills wandered a lone vagabond. His dark nose parted long, yellowed autumn grass as he delved into narrow valleys between cascading rises, then led him up the crests to look out over the flatlands beyond. Each time he reached the top of a hill, the animal would pause, scan the floodplains below for signs of life, then trot on.

There was a colossal lake to the east. A smaller one to the south. The dark tops of trees beyond those. Another forest north of him. At his back, nothing but domineering mountain. From the highest of the foothills he could see the glint of a river winding north into the ochre tapestry of the great unknown. In all of these directions, Black Shuck saw no visible signs of prey.

A shame. He'd come a long way hoping conditions would improve, but they only seemed to get worse, and the hunger continued. The dog continued, too, panting as he surged down the side of another hill.
November 08, 2019, 03:10 PM
Hydra continued her hunt, inside and outside of Moonspear. Still their caches had plenty enough but recent, warmer fare was what she sought... and things in which to replenish them. Each day brought more of the same—nothing, and more nothing. The rabid moose had gone, and with it that terrible scent... that was fortunate, at least. The last thing the Queen desired was more of that. It carried a stench that seemed to be a brother to Death; where one was, the other must be close, she imagined. 

Her eyes caught the shape of a vagabond searching; her gaze followed his own and, wondering if he had found something, Hydra readjusted her course upward. She traveled on a path that would eventually lead to his own, and whatever else might be up there.

I'll find that you'll find that I'm lethal
November 09, 2019, 01:26 PM
Lone Wolves

The beast was no fool to be caught unawares by others of his breed, but Hydra, too, was no fool. On account of this, it would take Shuck some time to realize his path was being intersected by another's in spite of all his caution and experience with knowing his surroundings. Down one hillside, up another. In this fashion he continued until at last one bister ear swivelled and locked on to the approaching she-wolf. An electric blue eye turned to the edge of its socket to catch a glimpse.

Black as coal was she, and possessed of a bearing that made her appear both large and ferocious. Black Shuck was also large and ferocious, but there was nothing to be gained in instigating conflict. As Hydra made her approach, Black Shuck made his own move: his tall ears pivoted back upon his head and his tail, held at half-mast, began the slightest of wags at the tip.

He said nothing, continuing to pad along in silence, but his cues ought to be clear to any.