Moonspear return of the mack
All Welcome  April 10, 2018, 11:22 AM
backdated to coupla days before poopies are born! hy is home.

Hydra returned with more knowledge and more skills. Though her time away had been productive, she missed home and once it was within eyesight, Hydra broke into a long-legged sprint to bridge the distance. Immediately upon arrival she howled, and she threw herself down at the borders to rub her scent upon the land. A little beat after her journey, Hydra rose to all fours and began her ascent to find a spot to rest.

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April 18, 2018, 03:39 PM
Finding himself made uneasy by the upcoming unknowns and the fact that most days, he was not able to see his mother as she receded away further, he had taken the suggestion of older wolves and vented this into productive patrols. The sleek almost-yearling had been emptying his bladder all across the foot of the mountain when his scouting sister's howl rose up from not too far away. He stopped, perked, and didn't stick to one spot long enough to hear her finish. Jarilo took off to go to her, streaking across the mountain lowgrounds until he could find her heading upward.

"Hey HY!" he barked. He barely reined in his speed and went right for her with a happy yip and kick of his heels. To see her seemingly all well, and back on the mountain, his tail was waving wildly. Should she have it from him, he skirted in to aim licks for her face and chin and whatever other smears of black fur he could reach. Now closer, he realized all the strange scents on her, and when he dialed back his joyous greeting for his sister's return, he set to investigating these smells--sniffing greedily all over, with a poh poh poh sound to the fervent workings of his nose.

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April 19, 2018, 04:28 AM

His response to the howl was quick. He'd been preparing the birthing den with the last touches and bringing Amekaze food as the pups could come any day now; but he had quickly kissed Ame good-bye for a little bit when he heard their oldest return home, with the promise of a swift return.

The first thing Charon noticed when the third half of the cerberus came into view was that Dirge wasn't with her. They'd left together, for supposedly a short trip, but now Charon wondered if there had been a fight or sorts for her to return home alone. Yet he did not want to ask for it right off the bat, for there were happier things now -- such as their reunion and finding Hydra returned in safety.

Charon smiled softly at Hydra as he caught Jarilo eagerly greeting his older sister. He trotted towards her, following his speedy son. As he reached Hydra, who was being showered by Jarilo, he cast his son a quick glance and a soft rumble in his throat so he knew to make place and leaned forward to nuzzle Hydra's cheek in a soft wordless gesture of welcome home.

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April 21, 2018, 05:15 AM
Lyra's ears flew upwards at the first note of Hydra's call. Like Jarilo, the girl didn't even wait for the howl to finish, scrambling to her feet and becoming a blur of shadow as she rocketed in the direction of the borders. She had been reticent and withdrawn over the past few days, as she was wont to do whenever any one of the three left their mountain. Now two had gone on their respective journeys while she remained — the sole head of the Cerberus.

But they were a trio, and forever would be. However far life pulled them away from each other, they would always return to be together once more.

Heart hammering in her chest and tail waving wildly behind her, Lyra raced expertly down the mountainside. She picked up the scents of her father and little brother, just before they finally came into view. The two were bestowing the Beta with nuzzles and licks — her brothers' more frantic than Charon's own — but her eyes were solely for her sister. All sense of poise that a princess of Moonspear should possess was thrown to the wind as Lyra ran full-tilt into her sister, aiming to bowl her over to playfully and lovingly nip at every inch of her mirror image (and possibly sweeping up her other family members in the process).