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March 26, 2020, 06:46 AM

Dated for 20/03

Tags for reference; I’ve never done this before, but i guess anyone is welcome to acknowledge the birth of little Astraeus! <3
        The last weeks were hazy; she did not remember anything that was before the pain. The child was kicking more and more, craps were a common occurrence, she did not even remember what her life was before the pain. But in those weeks she could barely move, she discovered a small cave around the south eastern part of Sawtooth; one could see the tarns just below. It was perfect for her and her baby. It was covered all over with furs @Kukutux had given her when they parted; during the night she would snuggle in them, just to feel her close once more. The grey woman knew the pearl was disappointed with her; but she wanted her to be there, when she would eventually give birth; but she was not. Only the furs were there to warm her ice cold heart.
        It was snowing lightly outside the den when she felt it; pain. She screamed; pain. All she could feel was pain, pain, pain. Agana attempted to move a little, but even more pain filled her frail body. Golden gaze moved to her belly; it was the biggest it ever got. The grey she wolf gasped as another contraction hit. Her vision was blurry, but she could feel the child’s need to enter the world; the grey female screamed as another contraction hit her. She wanted to call someone, anyone, to stop this pain.
        Agana let out another scream and pushed; that was all she could think of. Heavily breathing, she pushed again, and screamed once more, this time a tear rolling down on her cheek. Finally she felt something coming out; she was too afraid to look. What if she pushed too hard? What if it was a still born? What if, what if, what if? Oh, how much she wished @Kavik was there, to comfort her, to guide her through this life-changing process.
        A loud cry woke her from thoughts. Her gaze immediately drifted to the source of the little screams; she moved her tail to reveal a small, dark furball; a male; he looked just like his father, Kavik.. The corners of her lips tugged into a smile, as she licked and nudged the little furball. As he cried even louder, she knew he would live; he had to. Agana picked him up and placed him beside her belly. Another sharp pain filled her body as the puppy snuggled closer to her belly and sucked on her breast. The fur that draped her grey back fell to the side as she breathed heavily, still smiling;

        “You look just like your father…” another tear rolled on her hot cheek as she shook her head and gave the little boy a gentle lick. @Astraeus.” She whispered, “My little Astraeus.” Agana couldn’t see straight anymore; the name of her son was the last thing she remembered as she laid her head down and fell asleep as little Astraeus sucked from her breast.

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March 27, 2020, 02:10 PM

Welcome to the party, Mr. Universe.

        As all the puppies did, the tiny starboy cried when the air kissed his nose, his shut eyes, his little frail body. It was quiet for a long while, it felt wet and warm, then everything felt new and dangerous. Blind, deaf and unable to control his own temperature, his high pitched groans filled his mother's ears. The the furs puddled with the tears, sweat and blood of her. While his senses not yet bloomed, the odors of her triumphs over childbirth, overwhelmed. These dirited furs told such a tale as well. A loving swathe of tongue curled his faint coat and he further cried, higher. Her nose touched his belly and he goraned as he was scooted to her breast. 

        The scents of milk were much more appeasing thand sweat and blood, whimpering his last as he suckled diligently. Groaning contently from his warbling chest as his had his first tastes of sustance. The world didn't seem so fast anymore, and everything slowed to a degree. Much easier. 

❝ Looking for your place in the Universe?
Don't you know the Universe is looking too
Looking for its place in you

And now it's coming through
Your dream is coming true

Welcome to the party Mister Universe
We're so glad we are a part of you
Meet the rocks and flowers
The seconds and the hours
The splinters, winters, apples, chapels
Teardrops, temples, cats and castles
Anything, that you can be
The things you can and cannot see
Are Mister Universe ❞
March 28, 2020, 06:44 PM
        agana's shrieking was a great anxiety for the midwife. he had come down to discover her den, and crouched outside with wind playing across his shoulders, traveling pouch of herbs at his feet. as he did not truly know agana, and as his face was still healing from wylla's teeth, mahler did not enter.
        but there he remained for the time it took agana to toil, ears lifting as her anguished cries subsided and the squall of a single newborn filled the birth-scented den.
        only then did the eisen come to the shelter's mouth. "agana? it is mahler. may i come in?" the delivery seemed to have been terrible for the woman; he wished to see if she bled great amounts and that her child had made their entry without bruising.

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