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His return home had been tough. Charon had received much hostility even though he just wanted to make sure everything was well between all of them again and was treated like the enemy, when clearly he was the King of this mountain. He'd met hostility and he had met some love and sanity -- mainly from Arcturus -- but still Charon did not know how he stood with some of his kin. He missed Vela, who would surely understand his side of things. She might not be happy or even accept if Speedy's womb would take and bring new life, but she would at the very least not allow the rest of the family to chew Charon out over it like that. It was clearly not his fault; hormones were at fault here, and if anyone was to blame, it was Amekaze for if she had come into her season like normal then Hydra and Speedy would not have. She had given the suggestion she was not fit to rule any longer, and he graciously accepted that she would not bring him children (eventually) yet she still stabbed him like this, treating him as if it was all his fault.

He knew better than to tell her that it was her fault, though, and so he had not yet done so. Maybe if Speedy was pregnant, it might come to that, but for now things simply remained tense. Charon had tried to convince @Amekaze that he could sleep by her side but it seemed that for now she would not let him (gerra pls let me know if this is an incorrect assumption). Spending more time away from one another was not in any way the way to fix this mountain and what played on everyone's mind now, however. Charon knew that. Ame seemed not to understand this. Maybe she was getting too old.

Yet these thoughts made him feel guilty, for he still loved her and he really did wish it to be them against the world. Not them against one another. He wished that she would see that Speedy's children woud be her children instead, that they would raise them and they'd never know differently, just like he had been raised by the Alpha pair that were not his birth parents. She didn't get it. She wouldn't get it, he knew that. If only he could convince her somehow.

All of this weighed heavily on his heart and the news of Hydra's upcoming litter mixed in oddly, as though he was not sure whether to be happy or sad about everything that went on.

The King of the mountain wandered a path that lead higher up the mountain. Maybe he would reach the stars this time, but he doubted it. After two summers of trying, he doubted that the third year he would make it. But maybe. At the very least, he could use some distraction, and a good view from the mountain's higher reaches had never failed to put him in a better mood.

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May 17, 2019, 06:08 PM
Hydra, too, wanted things to be cleared between them. While she was entirely on her mothers side and was even still set in her suspicion, she had decided for now to settle on an armistice. Speedy had said nothing had transpired between her father and herself, and her inclination toward faith in her father benefited the tawny medic that day, saving her from further reprimand. And it was that same faith in him that had her following his trail this evening.

She caught up to him with ease, despite her condition. She was not one to laze, and she was as fit as she could be given the fortuituous change that was coming over her. Hydra loosed a whuff, seeking to close the gap between them.

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May 17, 2019, 06:37 PM
His peace and quiet time was disturbed by his daughter, and Charon was torn between minding and being fine with it. He wanted things to be good between them and interaction would make it better, he knew, but also he wanted to just forget all of this was happening for a moment and blow off some steam. Fancy he'd run into Hydra -- or rather, she followed him up here -- this high up the mountain.

He chuffed back, and wondered instantly if she'd seen Speedy yet. Honestly, part of him just wanted the truth out, and whatever battles flowed from it fought, but maybe it was more tactical to keep quiet for now. He didn't even know if it was necessary to fight those battles just yet, after all. Charon didn't expect Hydra to understand his struggles. He'd never considered her less than his sons, but now that she was pregnant and his problems with his mate concerned her reproductive health surely she would be selfish in her side-picking. She'd never understand his struggles. He remained silent for now and waited along the mountain path, waiting to hear if Hydra had come for anything specific.