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All Welcome  February 13, 2019, 10:16 PM
The encounter with the Drageda wolf left him undoubtedly unsettled, having not realized how closely they lied in proximity to each other.

It seemed like a recipe for utter disaster to him, for two powerful entities could not share one space in peace for very long. Redhawk had run Blackfeather from their territory largely for that reason following the war, and they had not been anywhere near as close as Rusalka and the Drageda wolves currently lived. How Caiaphas remained seemingly at peace with such an impending threat baffled him, having assessed her as someone who could be especially territorial. Perhaps there was a reason for the apparent lack of concern, or there was the possibility that something had already been done to address what he felt was an active risk to them all. In another lifetime Vaati may have enjoyed the irony of it all, but there is a very real reason to be wary of an enemy lingering just on the horizon; a reason lying in the belly of a particular theta. 

He does not call to summon her, instead opting to rather make his way in the direction of her scent. No doubt she was already aware of the rank he now bore, and so he did not find it of particular value to mention -- there were more important things he felt required an answer.

for the sins of the unworthy
must be baptized in blood & fear