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backdated before trip! @Arcturus

Having spoken with her mother and father about her plan to seek Revui, they permitted it; her track record for success might have left little room for doubt that she would, inevitably, find some trace. Hydra prepared for her trip by marking the borders twice over, and sparring with @Lyra and @Alya to unwind from the stress she felt from her brothers absence. She was glad it was not Arcturus, but she had truly come to think well of Revui and his teeth.

Where were they now?

She knew one wolf most of all was distressed by this turn of events, though she did not frequently leave him to his own devices when he returned home himself. She did not show it well, but she cared. Now and then she would seek to harass him, but decided to give him some time to himself. This was a different sort of loss than Galaxy—somehow, it hurt more. It was the not knowing, she determined. Was there someone she needed to set her teeth upon? Or had he willfully abandoned them without a word? There was no corpse on the mountain for her to believe he had taken a fall; she had explored every crack, every crevice, that she could.

Her nose worked to find her yellow-eyed brother. Hydra kept to where the scent seemed thickest, and would not stop until she found him.

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January 12, 2019, 11:25 AM
indeed, the boy felt revui's lost keenest of all -- he had not been alive for galaxy (though he had heard from time to time a family member recount the sorry tale), but he had been alive for yami's disappearance too, and somehow, revui's departure cut worse.

perhaps it was because the boy had adored yami, but had worshiped revui -- and seeing his brother leave was a cataclysm in his tender heart, corrupting it to stonier soil. 

he was resigned to just wandering on his own most days, avoiding the rest of his family unless they were particularly persistent in finding him -- like hydra happened to be, today. he had heard her approaching and swung around to greet her, his normally sunny eyes holding a quietly sour appeal to them as he silently asked her what it was she wanted from him by the tilt of his dark head.

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January 12, 2019, 08:58 PM
Revui's absence had changed Arcturus. Hydra knew this; she knew what it was to feel left behind. But perhaps that was not what this was. She could not think Revui would do such a thing and remain absent willingly. That adamant refusal kept her opinions on his lack of being where he belonged neutral. The Ostrega woman would not suffer to feel disappointed if she had no reason to. 

She closed the distance between them, looking him over; other than the blow to his emotions, he physically looked well. Lyra and I will be going to seek Revui, she informed him, first, before inviting him along: would you like to help? Clearly he was not in the nearby Wilderness; they would be traveling a little further than that to continue their investigation.

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January 12, 2019, 11:41 PM
She followed her sister around like a shadow. This wasn't unusual for the third head of the Cerberus but, with Alya's impending departure for Easthollow, Lyra felt the need to be closer to her sisters now more than ever. She hated whenever they were apart, but she also knew Alya had to follow her fancies (even if she didn't agree with this particular one). Her sister would return again, one day. And in turn, they would return to her when needed, whether Nikai's family wanted them there or not.

This understanding between the three of them eased Lyra's nerves, though she still felt for Arcturus, who shared a tie with his brother that was almost as strong as the triplets' own. It was clear Revui's disappearance wore on him. Their brother's fate was still unknown, but they were going to fix that.

A shelf of stone jut from the earth just above where Hydra came upon their younger brother, and Lyra leapt up and perched upon it gingerly, gazing down at the meeting with a determined glint as her sister got right down to business. "I met a stranger who had sighted him along the coast," she said. Although she hadn't trusted the odd girl one bit, it was at least something to go by.