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Pack Activity  March 02, 2018, 02:38 AM
The moon was full again.

The clouds parted long enough to let clear, vast skies through finally here in the depths of the night. She couldn't imagine settling in so soon tonight and roved hungrily on despite the chill. Amekaze let it get a little later in the evening and by then, had wrapped up a short patrol along the way before angling up back up the slopes. Once she began to find a true rhythm, she channeled her energy to a new focus, and eventually slowed into a stop.

There, at her pause, she panted softly with her breath pluming as she listened to the relative silence and the dark. Still, to her, even despite the span of winter's hold, she could faintly make out the thrum of it all if she tried. Or, such was simply the blood in her ears. Either way, recently it had been a tumultuous time here, one marked oddly by sorrow from her fellows and the curiosities from the skies. She was ready to see them move forward, lighter, and better than before without the dead weight of doubt and weakness.

She had taken some time and let the deserters get well beyond her immediate reach. Good riddance, and she willed them far, far away from her place here so they would never be a concern of hers again—in a perfect picture, but not one that she would count on. Regardless, she cared less and less by the day with plenty to deal with here without their bullshit fears around too. Far more importantly than any juvenile nonsense like that, she already couldn't hide the swell of her flanks from the last time the moon had gone full. It wasn't one so subtle as last year, and also much earlier in the year than the experienced matron would like to see for herself (a shamelessly summertime wolf), but there was no doubt anywhere now of how it was about to be here. They had enough to keep occupied with and look forward to, as well.

This was a thought that carried the momentum of her next move: Amekaze swung back her head, then howled out to her packmates. She rose up a small melody to rally them happy and strong beneath the big bright moon, all while looking for them to join her—and share too, now that brighter, greener days were finally almost here.
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March 02, 2018, 04:46 AM
In these days Charon was never too far from Amekaze. It was his duty to keep his children safe and he wanted more than anything to keep Ame safe. It was clear that the pups would not take too much longer, though long enough for spring to fully shuffle in, he hoped. As her howl sounded Charon lifted his nose into the air to join. It was contagious, and with the promise of spring there was also the promise of another generation of Ostrega children raised upon the mountainside. He felt itchy to start digging the den but also knew he could not just yet, for even the floors of the forest were yet too hard and cold to dig. Soon, though.

After the howls calmed down Charon continued his path towards Amekaze, who he greeted with a pleased growl rumbling in his throat and the soft wag of his tail. She was one of the few that got to see Charon's soft side, for when he was with her there was no need to pretend to be anything more than he was. As he reached Amekaze's side Charon nosed along her stomach and moved forward to nip at her ear, happy to spend the first day of spring — even though warmth felt far away still — with her.
March 02, 2018, 01:13 PM
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He was not at Moonspear when Ame's voice rang clear through the night, but he could hear her nonetheless. His voice rose with the others from Silverlight Terrace, and he embraced their voices as they echoed off the mountain. Moonspear was good for him, Dune knew that much, and he was grateful to have found it. Sure, they were going through some growing (shrinking?) pains right now, but that would sort itself out in time. Dune missed those who had left (aside from Liffey, who he did not get a chance to know), but they would survive—no, thrive.

Wishing to be there, yet intent on his plan to explore more of the land around Moonspear, he eventually let his own voice trail off.
March 02, 2018, 05:04 PM
Lone Wolves

Gannet was not on the mountain this night, but had settled in at it's base, and currently his sights were set on the stars above. It had been a muddling few weeks, but tonight, his thoughts were relatively clear. There was a quiet air of contentment about him as he relaxed and prepared for sleep.

Amekaze's howl echoed down the slope, a few other voices joining in with a pattern that made it seem like a swell rushing down the mountain. His ears twisted with interest and delight, but he did not join in. Instead he simply listened, loving the unity in the call. It would be his to join soon enough.

Gannet's face and body are open books; you are more than welcome to distinctly notice any emotion written in his posts.
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March 03, 2018, 04:11 AM
Dirge was neither above nor below, instead lingering as a wraith draped and dappled in autumnal shades. The forested slopes provided shelter from the all too familiar bite in the wind, but the great star wheel of a sky was hard to miss. Having found a break in the canopy, he had laid eyes on the night sky, taking in the countless galaxies and constellations that were for the most part washed out by the full moon.

Perhaps it wasn't so much the stars that captured his attention but rather the clear skies; time countless had gone by since he had seen nary a cloud overhead. Then the howl had gone up as though to coincide with his thoughts, and as melodies intertwined he felt he could sense the changes to come.

Those thoughts evacuated themselves on exhale, for on intake and exhale again he was joining that song. It was difficult not to—there was a particular necessity in unity and to be accounted for, to hear and be heard, that thrummed as steady as their hearts beat.

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March 07, 2018, 09:45 AM
The first day of Spring brought Hydra's desire to let go.

This she could not wholly do, given her astounding ability to hold a grudge, but she willed herself to forget the faces, the voices, the scents, the sights, of wolves who were only her friend when it was convenient to them alone. They had known her, known what she would do for them all as well as for her family and her pack, and the moment it became inconvenient to them they elected to abandon the friendship, abandon her, abandon Moonspear. Each of them were pathetic, and perfect for one another—she echoed her mothers sentiment. Good riddance. Her heart had hardened, but it swelled beneath the stone as her mother rallied them.

Hydra joined, her voice loud and proud in equal measure. Moonspear was better off, and now without the dead weight they were stronger, better. She pitied Rannoch's path, she liked to think he was doomed to a terribly cyclical failure. But at the end of the day, as her lungs emptied, she found her desire to think anything for or of him exhausting and a pointless waste of energy.

Moonspear would thrive, now, truly; she supposed she had them to thank for that, at least. It could never have happened with a single one of them here, and that she believed.

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March 09, 2018, 01:28 AM
He raised his voice too. Perhaps the loudest, and maybe even the proudest, that he had ever sung beside the wolves of the mountain. Despite the loss, and despite the tumult that made him wary outwardly, he had an ember of confidence in his heart still that all was going to right itself soon. As his loved ones had emphasized, family was everything. This was just another proof of it, and he was happy to have the ones left that he did. With the rest of the mountain in mind, he wanted to help them protect it if he could--especially now, even with only a vague understanding of its depths.

Didn't matter any to him, though. As his note faded away, he was here to support this cause. This was where he knew, this was where he was, and this was where he loved. His family had a lot going on anyway and the last thing they needed was nonsense from his ass these days. In his narrow little thoughts, he didn't imagine the scope of what leaving like that would even be like, and especially with all of his sisters to think about; it crinkled up his nose and the dark Ostrega supposed it didn't matter right now, and he roved out onto the night for the rest of the evening on the lookout for any signs of mischief not of his own making.

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