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Lone Wolves

Markus has a rabbit and will fight a bitch.

He was pretty much proud of himself. He'd gotten up that afternoon - late but what can you do? - and he'd tasked himself with doing something important. He was on the borders of Neverwinter frequently but with the return of that dark female, he didn't think that was enough. He had to step up. He'd thought about asking Mal how he felt about Ambassadors and whether he'd want one. Markus thought he'd be good enough for that. It took a lot of work, which sucked, as well as a lot of socializing...he wasn't too bothered by that when the weather was right. Mostly it was the fact that Markus did not possess the energy for a quick fuse and he preferred to look and listen rather than start in with the teeth and snarling. He had the temperament for the work...even if that were only true because of his apathy.

As it were, that was a discussion for later. For now, he had scored. Now, he had set out to find the pack some food and he had done that. He wasn't just pretty much proud of himself, really, he was damn proud. From his jaws, swinging with its fur almost totally white, was a rabbit. It wasn't even too scrawny, either. He'd come back to the exact place he and Mal had unearthed the first rabbit and while he did not know if this was a relative or not, he'd actually found a second. Unlikely? Yes. Reality? Damn straight.

So he headed home, head higher than normal, a bit of a grin around the burden in his maw and while he was much, much hungrier than the time he'd caught the rabbit with Mal - he would have rather died than eaten the kill between his teeth.
5 hours ago
        He had to find more food. The situation was growing more desperate by the day. Tye did not want to be reduced to the next meal shared among Moonspear, torn to pieces by the pack which had saved him (sort of). The image of Hydra's brood tearing strips of meat from his bony legs, or making a game of tug-o-war out of his knobby spine, gave rise to a stronger sense of insomnia within Tye. He became hyper-vigilant in his waking hours.
        In short, he was one of the most stressed out, unhealthy messes in the Wilds - and that's saying something.
        Today (at least last he checked it was daytime, but it shifted to night so easily, and all of it bled together --) he had descended from the mountain with the intention of hunting in the lowlands. It never entered his mind that he could flee now, escape the Moonspear wolves and his position as their omega. If he did that he'd surely starve to death, at least this way he might be working hard for his meals, but there were meals.
        The glen surrounded him. He couldn't recall when he'd entered it or how long he'd been patrolling through it, scouring every inch of the forest floor for scents; he moved like a zombie, dragging his heels, or skittering from shadow to shadow like a spider, focused and desperate. The scent of rabbit eventually hit his nose - rabbit, and blood. The boy swiftly adjusted his course so that he could find that thing, whatever, wherever it was... And came across the path of a wolf.
        They were ahead of him, moving at a clip between the trees and heading north. Betwixt their teeth was a limp rabbit; the sight of it made Tye's mouth water, his heart race. He tried to sulk closer as calmly and quietly as possible but the scent drove the malaise from him and he was far less from subtle as he came upon the stranger, eyes wide and fixed upon the carcass.
5 hours ago
Hydra halfheartedly followed Tye to the Glen, more for the hunt for food than the pursuit of him. The Queen drifted loosely around him, sniffing and searching for something of substance. Hydra caught sight of the familiar sight of the male who had once come too close to Moonspear; she bristled, fiercely irate that he had seen fit to hunt from grounds Moonspear had always prowled and hunted upon. 

As she saw it, he had stolen a kill from her. It was not the first time he had come too close to Moonspear; for all she knew, he may have hunted it upon her mountain. Even if he had not, Hydra would ever defend the Glen as she always had. 

Ears thrusting forward, Hydra commanded of Tye: get the rabbit, and return it home. 

She herself rushed Markus mutely, lunging to snap at a heel and to even grip it, if she could. Tye's ability to participate in this event might very well change his status among she and her pack—now seemed as good a time as any to test his mettle and his ability to obey her command in times of true strife. She hoped that Markus would release the rabbit so that Tye could do as she bid; she would fight for it. One rabbit, two rabbit, any rabbit, any thing found here—it was Moonspears.

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