Breeding Season 2022
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Seasons greetings and happy new year, Wolf Pack!

Breeding season officially commences January 1st, 2022 and is open until June 30th, 2022!

Just a quick reminder before we kick things off that we have updated almost all our policies around breeding to support storytelling and character development first and foremost. For all the details, you can check out the Guidebook page on puppies and adoptions as well as the original announcement concerning the changes. Here is the Coles Notes version:
  • Canidae characters (wolves, dogs, coyotes, etc.) must be at least 22 months old to conceive. Fertilization and pregnancy cannot occur before this age. Wild Fauna characters must be the age of sexual maturity for their species to breed.
  • There is no maximum age for breeding.
  • Characters may breed freely. You do not require OOC or IC permission from pack leaders. It is encouraged to seek IC permission if you wish to avoid consequences such as removal from the pack, which pack leaders may enforce.
  • Successful breeding requires a finished and archived conception thread correctly marked with the Conception tag. Remember to mark all conception threads with an M tag at the start of the title and a [mature] marker in the first post!
  • Gestational characters can have 1 litter per breeding season with a maximum of 4 surviving puppies.
  • If a character falls inactive or leaves the game while pregnant, the litter cannot be born in-game. If you think this might happen to you, please reach out to the CM team before you fall inactive and we will try to help!
  • Loners no longer require CM permission to breed and loner puppies no longer need to join a pack to survive.
  • Litters no longer need to be posted or verified in Contact The Staff.
  • Pack leaders no longer need to maintain a puppy roster or slots for their pack. Pup slots are unlimited.

For players looking to activate their pup accounts, please remember that only the player of the puppy can activate the account and remember to include the following in the profile prompts or the profile itself so we can verify the litter:
  • The names of both parents.
  • A link to the archived conception thread.
  • A link to the birth thread.

We hope you have a fun and prosperous breeding season and we can't wait to see what plots might develop!
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Hey everyone, breeding season is officially over! We would love to hear members' feedback in our roundup!
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