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Pack Activity  October 13, 2018, 05:20 AM
HUNTING TIME! @Brynn @Greyback @Stream of Creek @Steph @Vespera @Mawk @Illecebra @Aerasha @Merrit @Keen @Yakone to set this thread up faster I'm going assume most are there :'D

Valette decided that everyone could use a good meal. Especially with the news traveling that Stark had vanished. She wanted her children to watch the hunt but even more so, she wanted her members to bond. She had no clue how Mawk and Cebra were doing. She knew that Ira and Greyback were rocky. There was a new member Aerasha, and Valette wondered if she was going to show her face. She hadn't seen much of Vespera after their talk and she hoped that the female was feeling better. Brynn had done well helping out. She felt everyone could use some good spirit before the winter would start.

The female howled to summon everyone. As always they would gather at the standing stones. Valette wanted to forget about Stark for a moment and as a deerstalker, she was more than eager to let the hunter take charge. When most had arrived she felt impatient and started to explain. "One of the bison is limping. We will make them run and try to separate that one. Children, you can watch from the stones," she explained. Valette wondered if an adult should stay behind to explain the hunt to her children? Then again, she needed all adults to take down one of the bison. If her children had questions they could come to her later. Valette glanced over the group. "Let's go!," she called out and took the lead in the charge down the field towards the bison herd.

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October 13, 2018, 06:32 AM
The pumkpin had become her best friend and worst enemy. She found that when she forced enough down her throat, she got all loopy but when she woke up or came down from it she felt sick. Unfortunately for her and for Valette she had been hungover and wasn't quite over it yet. Even so when the call went up she hurried forward, eager for the hunt. 

She nodded at Valette's explanation as her eyes sought out and found the injured and limping Bison, muscles tensing before she sprang forward at the command. All went fine and she ran nearly all the way forward behind Valette before her stomach lurched and head swam and suddenly she faceplanted quite gracefully. "Oh hell. Really? she cursed and stood out shouting a pretty embarrassed sounding "I'm all good!" Of sorts though she honestly hoped nobody gave her any thought.
October 13, 2018, 09:27 AM
The young female had been resting when a howl broke through the air. Her ears perked as she recognized the howl, for it belonged to Valette. Vespera heaved a sigh and couldn't help but roll her eyes, it started to become part of her nature to do so. Vespera heaved her body up, her legs felt stiff and tight from laying down so much. Vespera shook her fur and stretched for a quick second before hoping off the rock and trotting towards the sound of Valette's howl. However Vespera felt that her legs weren't completely loose, so her gate was a little awkward. That totally won't cause me trouble later, she muttered in her thoughts. However she soon began to pick up pace as soon as she saw Valette bolt off with another female and she didn't have the chance to talk to her. Oh come on! Hold on a second before you go head over tail and run off without telling me-  Vespera was going to complain more in her thoughts until her eyes rested upon the limping bison that the Alpha was charging for. Ohhhhhh...... She wants us to hunt with her.... Oh boy. As fun as this sounded, it only set off red flags for Vespera, the young female had never hunted in a group before because she was either being mentally and physically abused by her pack or hunting alone, so this was completely new. Vespera only charged into a sprint, she knew she wasn't the strongest, but she knew she was fast and knew how to fight. Lets just not mess this up, I assume others are coming to hunt as I see another female coming, I will just act like I know what the hell I am doing and just attack it... Even if I have never hunted a Bison before. Vespera soon caught up to Valette, "ooo were hunting? How did you know that was right up my alley?" Vespera put in a little sarcasm but not in a rude way, she hoped Valette could see it that way. However her legs were still a little stiff, so running began to hurt a little.
October 13, 2018, 10:44 AM
Aerasha took her sweet-time strolling over as she came with a drowsy look and a small smile. A meeting for everyone was a chance to see everyone in Easthollow, so she was more then happy to walk her way over. Ohhh, but what could the howl be about? She remembered it was to state new laws, or announcing new titles with her homeland. Packs worked differently though, so she was quite curious.

Sashaying her way forward, the coffee creamed dame with scarring walked her way over toward the group, an easy-going smile upon her face. Aerasha just managed to catch the bit of words, and caused her to flicker her tail with a nod to the side. Group hunting? For a bison? Oohhh, how fun.~ "Cooool.~" She commented, padding along to catch up with the moving hunting party.

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October 13, 2018, 01:56 PM
Stream of Creek
Indeed it took little time for Ira to respond to the howl. For one she happened to be nearby when the Alpha made her announcement, but she was also making an effort to stay close in case Valette needed her. Like the others that had gathered around her, she made out the bison in the group that was now their target. When the chocolate wolf took off, she would be close on her heels, an eye roll following as she watched the black and white wolf trip over herself. It had been a while since she hunted with a pack, let alone take down anything large to eat, but the thought of a big meal, especially with winter coming was a welcoming thought.

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October 13, 2018, 04:42 PM
Mawk's fiery gaze wandered from figure to figure, paws slowing as he caught up with the hunting party. The bison, they were grazing, and Valette was leading them closer with each step - he felt the primitive thrill deep in his bones, the natural exhileration of a hunt to come, and his feet itched to get moving. Really moving. Ears swivelling toward the others, the man strolled over to his mate and gently nudged her shoulder, eyes flickering from Illecebra to the alphess as he awaited the signal to go; they were growing closer by the second.
October 13, 2018, 10:41 PM
The mountain of a wolf arrived shortly after Valette's call, his large body appearing out of the woods and behind the group. He looked at all that gathered there, taking notice of each and every one of them.

Ira was as stone-faced as ever, a trait that he was surprised to know passed down from him. 

Aerasha looked tired and dopey as she normally did, but what he found interesting was Illecebra's similar manner. The she-wolf seemed to be heavy on her feet and he wondered if she was sick. He would watch her closely during the hunt in case she needed help.

Mawk and Vespera seemed to be excited to start and he commended their drive silently to himself. He was glad that Easthollow had a strong dedicated bunch to help with hunting. They needed every ounce of strength in order to take down a bison, regardless of its state.

Valette was the last one he looked upon, her beauty radiant and overpowering. A smile appeared on his face as he walked up to her, gently touching her shoulder with his snout and whispering a soft "Hello" as a greeting before stepping aside and listening to her talk. When she finished, he swiftly got up and ran with her, through Greyback was not built for speed and was easily passed by each member.

Except Illecebra...who fell flat on her face. The man stopped and walked over to her, but stepped back as she confirmed everything was okay. Nodding, he joined the chase again. His muscles bunching and rippling under his long coat with every push on his limb.

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October 13, 2018, 10:56 PM
Brynn had been patrolling when she heard the alpha's summons. Wasting no time, she made her way to the stones and found that most of her packmates had already arrived. She nodded a greeting to everyone as she passed them to stand near Valette.

She noticed the injured bison just as the grey leader mentioned it to the group. Her pale yellow eyes tracked the large beast's movements as she followed Valette closer to the herd. She never minded a hunt, and she hadn't hunted with the pack in a while, so she knew she would enjoy this. She nodded her agreement as the alpha laid out the plan, and excitedly followed the pack into the hunt.

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October 14, 2018, 06:08 PM

She was late to arrive. This fact alone caused her to be self-conscious, but she was so far back in the group it was difficult for her to hear what was going on. She heard Valette address the children, but couldn't catch what was after that. She looked up at the adults, trying to figure out what she should do, before deciding that she was big and strong enough she'd just follow them and hope she didn't get kicked in the head by this injured bison.

October 16, 2018, 08:42 AM
Arlette was quick to come but her short legs didn't make her as swift as some of the adults. She knew something was happening. Hunting! She could tell by her mother's howl. When she reached the stones her mom told her to stay pup. She frowned and looked sad. The female did what she was told though. However, when the group left to hunt, Yakone moved with them as well. Hey!! Not fair! Arlette jumped forward eagerly to join them but then hesitated because her mother told her to stay put. She let out a low whine. She didn't want to be here all alone
October 16, 2018, 07:21 PM
I'm laaaaaaate

Steph bounded through the forest at her mother's howl. She knew what it meant: A pack hunt! They hadn't had one in a while, and a big meal was the perfect opportunity to get everyone together and feast! Her tail wagged as she joined the group, immediately going to her siblings to greet them, and then greeting her mother with a nuzzle. Her gaze glanced to Greyback, but there was no time for conversation. She was quiet as instructions were given quickly. Steph was ready, and it seemed the rest were, too. When the proverbial flag was thrown, the pack of wolves took off racing towards the bison herd. Steph ran alongside her mother, eager to take on the limping beast.

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