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A loud bellowing drew her toward the lake, her flame hued orbs alight with both curiosity and annoyance. The sound was deep and loud, clearly from something big and she hoped it was something huntable. Lucky for her it was huntable but she'd need help.

By the lake stood the largest ungulate she'd ever seen, a bull moose with a rack that could prove to be quite dangerous. It dragged it's hooves across the ground, bellowing again and lowered it's head to drink clearly trying to make itself intimidating enough to be left alone. She circled it from a distance and spotted something that made her eyes brighten, it's left hind leg had a nasty, festering wound and the limb gave an occasional tremble, giving away it's weakness. She wasted no time and kEkeD for the pack, her tone excited. If they could pull this off they'd eat good that night, with leftovers to store.
May 17, 2019, 04:25 PM
Just a cameo from me since taki will be with the babies <3

She heard the call from where she was perched just outside her den, watching the children explore. It had been a while since she had been able to participate in a pack hunt, but the pups were still too young to leave on their own for too long. She, personally, didn't like leaving them alone ever, but she knew that was just her being overprotective. 

So, she couldn't answer the call to hunt, but she could escort the children close enough to watch while still remaining a safe distance from the action. She stood, making the pups halt their activities and look to her with curiosity. Let's go children, she said, turning to move away from the den. I've got something exciting planned for you. She cast an expectant look over her shoulder and only when all four pups were at her side, did she start to move.

After some careful searching, she came upon an incline overlooking the lake. They were close enough that Taki could explain to the children what was going on, but far enough away that they weren't in any risk of being trampled. The incline was steep and littered with rocks and shrubs, making it the worst possible escape route for the large creature. Still, she kept a watchful eye out, ready to intervene if needed. This was how she was first taught about hunting, and she was excited to share this with her own children.

She watched down below and waited for the pack to slowly gather, the pups sitting around her, watching the scene with curious eyes.

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ingram was loathe to leave blodreina alone for any length of time, but kazimir's howl prompted him to beg reina to forgive his absence. he knew with most of the women in the pack having whelps, that there would be very few hands on deck able to attend a hunt. it meant his presence was mandatory.

he threw his head back in an answering call, making sure to check around their den first that there were no lurking predators; content with his brief scout, ingram made towards the call and nearly died when he saw just what it was kazimir expected them to bring down.

a bull moose, massive, with antlers that spanned a length of at least two wolves; it looked irritable and already on edge. "we're hunting that?ingram inquired, biting his lip as he looked to kazimir for validation. he hoped more wolves showed up -- the two of them alone had less than a fly's chance in hell of bringing down even an injured moose.

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        to ingram's side mahler moved, and there was a deep amusement upon his face. "vhat a task you have set before us, kazimir," he remarked, but there was no sense of chastisement in his voice. the moose was large and powerful, but wounded; she had not chosen badly. only daringly. lavender eyes scrutinized the great beast. they would need at least two more diasporans, if not three or four, to weary and bloodlet the beast before it collapsed.
        and surely they would come. unperturbed, he glanced between the hunt mistress and ingram, waiting for the others to arrive.

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        Like Takiyok before her, Aurëwen hoped that by bringing her own children along, they wouldn’t be prone to startle a stampede as someone had done at their age. Vonnaruil, who would preside over Dragomir and Isilmë while the errand was  ( rather literally )  being ran, met her critical eye with a roguish smile. ”Happy killing!” he cawed, while she nuzzled belea and balaur farewell.

        It seemed the choice of the day had been selected by Kazimir, and the silver kept herself grounded as she fell in line with the dark kapitän, to whom she only offered a faint, distant smile. ”Nothing a grand centurion cannot handle, I am sure,” Aurëwen drawled, looking to Reina’s beloved with a wry eye before she assessed the scene once again. ”More will arrive.”

        ...Or, they would work with who they had; she was a wisp of a wolf compared to all this brawn, but perhaps her value lie somewhere in this.

if her babies can make cameos, I’m tagging @Dragomir and @Isilmë!

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The man hadn’t been wandering far from Takiyok when the call arose, a hunt, for once a genuine smile graced the man’s lips. For while he did not posess his sister skill in the art of hunting, he was no push over. Sadiq loved to hunt, his size and strength making him the ideal finisher. Trotting after the sound, the foursome became five, and Sadiq ventured closer to the group.

Dipping his head to all whom had assembled, Sadiq was surprised by their chosen prey. His smile continued, turning into and excited smirk. The pale man’s tail swayed back and forth, the thrill of the hunt permeating his being. A naturally silent man, Sadiq waited for instruction. This was his first hunt with this pack, and as such it was a prime opportunity to prove his worth. Despite the loneliness the gripped him, Sadiq wanted very much to finish a place where he belonged.