Sun Mote Copse Departure to destruction.
All Welcome  December 03, 2019, 02:05 PM
Tradesman II
It was only early afternoon, yet already the sunlight had turned sallow and clouds scuttled in to further darkle the skies. The air was cold, just about freezing, and Towhee knew the light mist that was just beginning would soon turn into freezing rain and, later, snow. The darkening weather suited her mood; in fact, it rather fit her life in general, as of late. She sighed at the thought, a plume of vapor bursting from her mouth.

It seemed that fate—or mother nature, more like—wasn't finished plucking members of Towhee's family from the tree and simply tossing them into the ether. Crow had disappeared some weeks back, now Sugar was missing too. And no matter how tirelessly she circled the borders to stay busy, stay useful, there were no threats Towhee could actually see, feel and challenge. And no more refugees appeared either.

Feeling absolutely resigned, Towhee let out another sigh and moved into the copse, making her way toward the place where @Elwood and @Finley kept house. Despite the world falling down around her ears and the fact that literally everyone else had left her (although she was desperately glad @Fennec had come back), some more than once, they were the one constant in her life.

It was officially sleeting now, ice forming a crust along the bladed tips of Towhee's multicolored pelt as she drew up near the Blackthorns' homestead and barked.

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December 04, 2019, 04:56 PM
Four nights had passed since Sugar had disappeared. Four long, dark, awful nights. There had been daytime somewhere in there, but to Finley, it was all just dark since her child had gone missing. Sugar was not the first child to have been lost to her and on some level, she knew that this was simply a fact of life--something that happened when you lived in the wild as they did. Experience had taught her that. That was why she raised her children to be smart, strong, and self-sufficient, because life was simply unpredictable, and they needed to be prepared. Still, it was never easy, and the mother mourned deeply every time.

The weather seemed to echo her mood. Fin stared silently out into it, though she paid it little mind. Since Sugar's disappearance, she had retreated helplessly to the den where she had whelped her last litter. She knew that there was little more she could do than to hope for the best--that Sugar would either find her way home or that wherever she ended up in the world, she would have a safe and happy life. It was all she could do for any of the children she'd lost over the years, including the ones who had said good bye first.

A call drew her from her miserable reverie, though she didn't move at first. Her eyes drifted across the terrain ahead of her until they clapped onto Towhee's dark form. She laid there for a moment, knowing she would need to physically retrieve her in order to be found, but struggling to get herself to move. She sighed after a little while and stood, braving the sleet to come near enough to touch her muzzle to Towhee's shoulder and gesture her to follow her back to the comfort and warmth of her den.