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Despite the guilt and shame and myriad other negative emotions she felt, there was no doubt to the reduced weight upon her shoulders—a palpable relief. No longer would she be responsible for all others; no longer would her failures be so magnified. She could fade into the backdrop again, dedicate herself to her gods and the poisons and. . .

Mou. @Titmouse walked beside Maegi up the mountains, the pair staying shoulder-to-shoulder for most of the way. She was grateful beyond measure for his presence, even more than usual, and clung to him. Out of anyone and everyone, he grounded her the most. He kept her going.

And then there was the ruddy form of @Elfie, whom Maegi had taken under her wing recently. She wondered from time to time if (more likely when) he would depart like the other youngsters. But she tried not to think about it much. She would enjoy his presence for however long it lasted, and would see him off with a smile, as she had Scarab (Khepri?) and Minnow.

And Moonshadow. . . She had gone with her brood to Rusalka, and it was a punch in the gut. To be separated from one of her closest, longest friends, because of her own failures. . .

Ah, well. Plenty of time to think and cry and fume on that later. Now, she needed to find a home for her remaining group.

Diaspora was in a different place than before, but it wasn't too bad—the new territory was closer, at least. Maegi stopped a good distance from the borders and tipped back her muzzle, calling for @Mahler and @Takiyok. She smiled at her ragtag gang of wolves and pressed her nose into Mou's ruff, steadying herself in his scent.

A new, fresh start; a chance to atone for her sins.

And yet, Shadow Mountain loomed nearby, and she couldn't help but feel (despite a lack of evidence beyond supposition) that her troubles were far from over.

Making some assumptions -- let me know if any of this is wrong. Also staying slightly vague.

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        that which had transpired with the foxfire had left a bitterness in mahler that he could not shake. around the edges of the hollow he prowled, pushing his barely-healed senses to their limitations while he searched for a way to forgive his failings. mahler weakened on the second patrol, swearing darkly as he forced himself to consume snow and lie himself down for a time. diaspora may have had a besiegte for a leader as of late, but he would not allow them to also have a dead one.
        the voice that rose up over the crumbled peaks was familiar, and he lifted his sulking head to listen more clearly. maegi, of blackfeather. guilt again sprung up that he had not visited her again, but the ailment — "bah!" mahler spat, gathering himself up and trudging quickly through the snow to greet the princess.
        maegi was not alone; an equally scarred male stood alongside her, the two of them clearly paired in some way. ignoring the spate of jealousy that flared — not of the situation at hand, but that he himself remained alone through his poor choices — mahler lifted his chin, regarding them both with a questing look. "it is good to see you vell, maegi," the gargoyle murmured, falling silent then.

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She had been tracking the General, sickness still mixing with his scent. She wanted to check on him, make sure he was getting better. He had been so ill, that fear had started to creep into the back of her mind, telling her that she might lose yet another loved one. She wasn't sure she could take anymore loss. Stigmata and Tahani were gone, nearly all of her children were missing, and the loss of Mahler would surely be the final straw; she had persevered through so much, but she was reaching her limit. 

The call made her pause just briefly before making her way to the borders. When she arrived, she was happy to see that Mahler was already there. Her gaze found the familiar face of Maegi as she came to stand at the other leader's side. She offered a stiff nod to the pair in greeting. Maegi, what brings you here? she asked. Hope bloomed in her chest—maybe she had news of one of her missing children? The Kapitän had continued to search every day, but still had found nothing.

...but she awoke to the cold death of her hopes

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It had been bittersweet to leave the forest behind; it felt wrong in some way, although he did it willingly and would not look back after. He followed Maegi's lead. Even if she did not believe herself to be strong enough, good enough, or wise enough—he would follow her anywhere. And, away they went together.

As they came upon the claim Titmouse could not help but feel uneasy. He did not know these people and he felt dread sneaking in between the cracks of his silent veneer. More than that, the scent of the mountain made his fur bristle; he remembered these scents from when he'd been accosted by the Moonspear wolves, and while that had been a long-ago event, the smallest things triggered his memory of the ordeal. He was, therefore, quite nervous.

And then a dark shape materialized and all that Titmouse could think of was Hydra, so out of concern for his beloved the ghost moved swiftly from her side to her shoulder, cutting across her path defensively until there came a second body, and words were spoken. With a little bit of urging from his partner, Titmouse relented and fell away to Maegi's side, watching the two others carefully with one eye and pivoting ears, thoroughly wary of a double-cross.