Hushed Willows a swell of smoke arose and filled the air [festival]
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The pervasive cold snap that had deadened everything for the few weeks prior had petered out of existence. Instead, the earth’s frigidity was replaced with gentle sun and a melt-y dampness that spoke: spring is almost here! time for a party! 

At this time of the year, the buzz of energy was not strong enough to be overwhelming, but the shift was perceptible enough to be detected by those who cared about these sorts of things. It even manifested in more obvious ways for those who chose not to see or turned a blind eye to nature’s messages; it was the breeding season, and even for the most out-of-tune wolf, that was easy to understand. The desire to procreate was steadily overtaking the Teen Wilds and turning everything in its head — but that was the price paid for new life. For several months, wolf kind ran wild, and when it was all over, the universe was better for it.

Olive nurtured a very healthy belief that the turn of seasons needed to be celebrated. It was divine fate that placed with her other wolves that agreed — Lily had the idea for a Yule celebration after all, and no one seemed averse to the idea of a fertility festival to bless all of the existing and upcoming unions. As the sanctuary they were, packs and wolves from all around were invited, so several scouts had been sent to make the rounds, promulgate the news and invite all who desired blessing, company, or simply an evening upon neutral ground with others from the area. Packs and wolves who experienced strife would find none of the sort here. It was a time for peace, for celebration, and for wishing well upon those who needed it. 

While the scouts went ranging, the others busied themselves preparing for the festivities. There  was much to be done, and the recent cold had blighted much of the delicate greenery that they would have made use of. Using the ingenuity of all the Seraphim, Olive was quite proud with what they had scrounged up. There were small piles of hardy twigs, leaves and blooms which had been harvested from the nearby Herbalist’s Cache and could be used as decorations and jewelry for those who felt so inclined. For others, Olive had staved off her hungry tongue and crushed bark and berries into a fine paste that could be used as a crimson dye. She and her brothers had once loved to leave paw prints upon their fair-colored pelts, and knew others might find it fun too. 

There were snacks of berries and fish organized into bowls they had dug into the shallow earth,  seeds that had been specially cultivated for those who wished to plant them and bestow nature with another sense of fertility, and piles of logs and leaves for those who wished to play and show off their agility or strength. Making music, gift-giving and other festivities all played a role in the evening’s zeitgeist, though Olive figured the hosts might have to lead these endeavors themself. All of this was set amongst a small clearing amongst the willows — with the density of the trees, large open spaces were a rarity — but it was cozy and could support a decent-sized gathering. A lone willow stood in the middle, with its draping tendrils spread equally on all sides, acting more or less as the festival’s de facto maypole. Olive hoped that whoever attended might find it entertaining to dance around the tree, with a tendril in their mouth, weaving and dipping and diving around the other dancers to make beautiful patterns and find a sense of oneness in the chaos.

It was all ready. Olive surveyed the area, then nodded and looked to Seabreeze at her side. She  was proud of what they had built, with the help of countless others, and now it was time to return the favor and help the others build whatever they needed — whether that be a family, a sense of peace and calm, or friendships amongst coexisting packs. Olive tipped her head back and brushed her lips against the late afternoon sky, letting out an opening call to usher in any potential visitors into the willows. “Won’t you celebrate with us?” She crooned to the sky, and beckoned ever forward those who might be on their way.
Welcome to Elysium’s Fertility Festival!

Details: Set for late afternoon on Valentine’s Day, February 14th. The second round will start on February 21st. Please only post once per round; if you wish to post more often, please take your conversation/interaction to a different thread. 

All wolves from the associated packs, as well as lone wolves in the vicinity, are welcome to join this thread and post other coinciding threads in the Hushed Willows. For all other threads, please us the tag [festival] in the title.

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Activity Ideas: Welcome to those who are hoping to conceive, and those who're simply joining in on the festivities. Have fun, meet new people, and see what happens! Please feel free to reference your character doing any of the following…

— Decorating oneself with twigs, leaves, flowers and natural dyes
— Snacking on berries and fish (and other food, if provided)
— Dancing around the maypole
— Planting seeds
— Exploring the grounds
— Matchmaking
— Drumming/Dancing/Singing
— Gift-Giving (and receiving)
— Leaf pile jumping, log lifting, racing and other feats of strength
— Pregnancy announcements, ‘guess-the-due-date’ games and giving unsolicited parenting advice

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February 14, 2019, 01:50 AM
Lost Creek Hollow
being super vague about who he is with bc I have no idea! I'd love to break off and get some healery threads (maybe even a mentor relationship for him) so if I can assume some wolf would direct him to your char and you want a thread lemme know!

It was a major coincidence in Gannet's mind that not long after meeting Lily and hearing her offer, her pack threw a festival and invited them! In truth he had no clue what a festival was, but the idea of trespassing wasn't new to him. He'd passed through many a claim on his own; sometimes to be chased out, others to join them for a time. He practically exuded non-threatening after all. This time it came with an invitation, though, so at least the former wouldn't happen.

Gannet was eager as he joined the gathering of strangers, his ears upright and his tail low, unassuming. He didn't outright approach anyone yet, but waited, watching. At some point in the near future he would ask someone who he could speak to about learning more, maybe even ask after some of the names Lily had given him. For now he was happy to observe.

Gannet's face and body are open books; you are more than welcome to distinctly notice any emotion written in his posts.
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February 14, 2019, 08:29 AM
Funny that the celebration was that day. Hours ago in the fresh morning air Sunny had experienced his first sexual encounter with the one he loved. It had been great and Sunny was definitely satisfied and because this is Sunny we're talking about the way he moved and glowed and had a dopey grin on his face made it quite clear what had transpired. He strode onto the scene body all relaxed and that obvious grin on his face, carrying an offering of a goose that he had gone out of territory to find. Spotting Olive and Seabreeze he walked over smiling around the goose and gently dropping it at their paws "For you two. Happy festivities. I hope you're feeling better ma'am. You both look amazing" he greeted them in a friendly manner, figuring it polite to show appreciation to the folks who started the gathering first before eating or socializing.
February 14, 2019, 09:02 PM
Lost Creek Hollow

she kept pace near @Rannoch's side, having volunteered easily to come alongside the small group when she learened of their destination. only when they came into view of the rest of the group did she pull away with a soft chuff and a dip of her chin to Rannoch, gazing at all that Elysium had gathered with a kind of rapture. it was amazing, all they'd managed to gather, though she did not know the purpose of much of it. she saw Sunny after only a moment of search - or rather, his backside as he spoke to two women she guessed to be the pair Rannoch had spoken of. she did not approach immidiately, but called to him as she paused in her step. "sunny!" she hoped to talk, if only for a moment, before the rest of those who sought to celebrate arrived. [would you be up for a side-thread at all?]
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She had only ever heard of the concept of a fertility festival; she'd never been to one herself. It was with great excitement and merriment that Lily entered the gathering, stomach quite round now. Obviously, she'd been blessed already--but perhaps her presence was a sort of good luck charm? In any case, she wouldn't miss a party for the world.

Hallo, lovelies, she chirped to Olive and Seabreeze, giving them both affectionate nuzzles. She turned to Sunny, who looked undoubtedly pleased with himself, and her face changed from excitement to mirth. Hallo, Sunny. You seem like you've had a good day, she giggled, grinning.

Her eyes swept 'round the clearing, looking for familiar faces. No, no, no--and then-- Gannet! she called out, moving toward him, the smile still on her face but softening to one of welcome. I'm so happy you're here! She was fond of the kind man from Lost Creek Hollow, and it seemed that he'd brought friends! Unfortunately, she hadn't seen Pema in quite some time, which was kind of sucky, because she had promised him an audience with her. Oh, well. . .

You'll have to introduce me to your friends, Lily insisted gently, wagging her tail. Many of who had accompanied him were unfamiliar to her; she didn't see Terance or Treason here.

Yesterday, 01:03 AM
Lone Wolves

        After bribing the gossiping birds into pointing him in the right direction, Sanguinus had spent the majority of his early morning trekking across fields and weaving threw forests, eventually landing himself close enough so that when the howl announcing the rumored festival's commencement was tossed among the wind, he had actually been close enough to hear it. His ears swiveled atop his crown as his paws were quick to move on their own, carefully guiding him threw the willows and towards the hustle and bustle in the distance. 

        A colorful array of vibrant dies and peddles caught his attention first, though his gaze quickly fell upon what he assumed were the welcoming hosts and in a gentlemanly fashion, lowered his head in greeting. He'd never met such accepting company before, for the idea of inviting strangers into your home was not a thought he would have ever entertained and yet here he was, tossing himself admits the friendly chatter of those who had gathered while he nosed through the aesthetic pile of flowers, eyes ever watchful for those who were yet to join in the festivities.  

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Lost Creek Hollow
Just in time for the festivities, Rannoch, @Dawn, and @Gannet arrived at Elysium's meeting-grounds. Although they were not late, a few wolves had already assembled—most of them he had yet to be acquainted with. With both Dawn and Gannet's attention grabbed by others, Rannoch was left to his own accord. He wasn't without an interest long, as he noticed that Sunny, who he knew was Dawn's brother, was talking to @Olive and @Seabreeze; he felt as though he hadn't talked to them in ages.

Not wanting to disrupt the conversation, Rannoch sought to lock eyes with Olive so that he could get her attention.

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Dragoncrest Cliffs
tl;dr aur shuts her brain off have fun folks

        Earlier, Aure had been sifting through which manner to don herself in for the festivities. Should she attend with the same garment of "The Undimmed" that she'd met Lily in? After a heartbeat's consideration— No, she'd mused, and rid herself eagerly, clumsily, of those mournful airs. Eager to dismiss all of what she'd come to know, the ever-changing skayona alit in favor of a mood more suitable for tonight. For every night, until she had no other choice but to return to herself and the reality of her romance.

        But, no. Not tonight. Tonight, she swathed herself in a gossamer of pointed ignorance, of aversion, of a fey revelry. Limned with listlessness, she spirited away the Luk @Isleña with her, intent for an eve of revitalizing their sembalence of sorority — at least, she’s wondered such.

        She would forget those happenings, too, and how they made her heart ache. She would forget how her night-of-life had once lain with this Luk; she would forget her being so bashfully unbeloved; she would forget how the Blood Queen had damned her. Aure would forget all of this, and fill her heart instead with the company of strangers and a night of her own making.

        It was with this way that she approached Elysium, and the beckoning from the willows is what made her soul shiver in answer. Disregarding all and everything that wasn't before her, that wasn't hers, Aure winged and wisped herself down down down into the willows; until she drowned herself in her whimsy. When she saw @Sanguinus, she flit from her course towards @Lily and soared for him with a delighted slurring of his name.

        Tonight, she was "Lady Starlight", and one would be hard pressed to find solace from her absolute sprightliness. Tonight, if she looked back, she would be lost.

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